Five of the Hottest Trends in the Pet Industry

5 Hot trends in Pet Industry


  1. Natural Pet Products

Premiumization which refers to a marketplace push for human-grade, high-quality, and sustainable products is becoming increasingly popular with consumer trends. Consumers are becoming more GMO conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint.


  1. Specialty Pet Service Drives Industry

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports spending in the arena of high-end dog grooming to continue to rise briskly in the sector of novelty services. Spa and other holistic services are also on the rise.


  1. Pet-Friendly Travel

Since the Department of Transportation’s ruling last year to make airports that receive more than 10,000 passengers annually install regulated doggie relief areas the pet friendly travel market has been swelling. Retail and hospitality industries have accommodated for the consumer increase.


  1. Pet Health Insurance

Insurance for pets has been available for the last three decades, but has only recently picked up in favorability. The trend is expected to burgeon dramatically reinforcing the idea that consumers are regarding their pets as family and prepared to take care of their medical expenses.


  1. Mobile Pet Grooming

With boomers retiring and becoming homebound, many specialty grooming services are including home-visits or doing all their business by truck. Even though mobile grooming remises retail opportunity, the trend is rising.

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