Funny Compilation Videos of Pets Getting Bathed

The YouTube channel, The Pet Collective is one of Splash and Dash’s favorites when it comes to posting hilarious videos. We perused through all the top 2016 compilations and found one that is especially endearing to us. This video features animals going through all kind of wacky pet spa scenarios while they are getting a bath. Or, their ones doing the bathing. Since the video titled– Crazy Spa Pets || Compilation–is indeed a long compilation. Splash and Dash has broken down our favorites for you.


Favorite #1

The first video begins at 0:09 and shows a cat being bathed. The cat does not look happy. The groomer is coaxing the cat asking her, “No More?” The cat meows back, “No More,” in almost perfect meow-lish. You can actually hear her say the words. Hilarious!

Favorite #2

Our second favorite is actually right after the cat clip and begins right at 0:17. The video is a clip of Pomeranian at the pet spa. He’s getting a haircut and is all smiles. You can tell he knows he looks good by the way he doggie-winks at the camera.

Favorite #3

This last one is a face we recognize all too well. The video is a poodle lying on his back in the shower with his belly up. The look on his face is one of pure bliss. His owner works tirelessly to pamper the pooch, and the poodle’s reaction is priceless, extravagance. The video begins at 1:41.


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