Tips to Consider Before Buying a Dog Bed

Dog Beds are Important for Pet Health and Keeping Clean

Splash and Dash for Dogs knows that your doggie is part of the family. Everyone in the family deserves a good night sleep. A good night\’s rest is important for pet health. Not only should your dog be comfortable when they sleep, but it helps keep things clean. Investing in a dog bed will keep you, and your pooch, happy and healthy.

Dog Sleeping Posture Important for Pet Health

What kind of of position does your dog get into while sleeping? Some dogs like to sleep in a ball. This is an instinctual posture. It keeps organs protected and helps circulate heat. Dogs also have an instinctual habit of stomping in a circle before lying down. This is also a leftover habit from the pre-domesticated days. Wild dogs instinctively stomp leaves and grass to form a nest.


If your dog is prone to either of these behaviors you may consider buying a nesting bed. These beds are also called donut, or bagel beds. They are round with an upper lip that makes dogs feel secure. It also offers them a place to rest their head while curled up in a ball position. The circular design is also ideal for dogs that like to circle a few times before settling down.

The Hideaway Tent

Another instinctual habit of dogs is hiding while they sleep. This comes from the days when dogs would find cave dwellings or make a shelter to hide from predators. If your dog hides underneath your own bed while sleeping, this could be a sign they would prefer a tent bed. This is an important aspect of pet health. These type of beds also keep dogs warm. If your have a short haired pooch at home that is prone to shivering, this bed design may also be a good pick.

Raised Style Bed

Depending on your dog\’s mannerism, they might prefer a raised bed. If you have already allowed your dog\’s on the furniture this can be a good way to make a transition.  Dogs like to survey their environment. Raised beds help them see everything and make them feel sheltered before sleeping. There are varying designs for raised beds. Some simply function like a cot for dogs, while others have steps that lead up to bed. Others resemble dog sofas. Splash and Dash for Dogs recommends a nice soft bed that will absorb heat and be comfortable.

The Square Mat

Square mat dog beds are a great fit for most dogs. They are soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. Most mat beds have a removable cover that can be machine washed. Another fun advantage is that these beds often come with more patterns to choose from. You may be able to find one that matches your own home decor. Your dog may not care, but if you can find a pattern that matches the living room set, why not? Square mats are also a little bit cheaper too.


Orthopedic Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are usually for senior dogs with arthritis or other common ailments. They  are stuffed with medical grade foam. This makes it easier for dogs to get comfortable in their golden years. You may also consider this if your dog has broken a bone, or needs most support while sleeping. These type of beds come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. You\’ll have no problem finding one that your doggie will love!


Different Types of Stuffing

The three most popular stuffing options are polyfil,  baffled polyfil, and foam. Polyfil is the most common and is high-loft fibers that can easily stuff and re-stuff into dog beds. This material is economically fit for any budget.

Baffled polyfil is interlocking poly-filled tubes that prevents shifting and provides stable support. Foam is the made from polyurethane. It provides the best support for senior dogs, or dogs that need more support while sleeping.

Another great way to keep your doggie’s bed clean is to bathe them regularly with salon grooming. A clean dog equals clean furniture.

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