Golden Retriever Could Possibly Be Enjoying His Massage

Watching this is Almost Like Being at The Pet Spa…Almost

It’s true, seeing this dog’s stress melt away as he gets a full body massage at the pet spa is almost like getting a massage yourself. At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we are guilty of personifying our dogs, because we see their personalities shining everyday. Our passion for dogs is why we love to come to work each morning. If you got to see a face like this Golden Retriever every day at work, who wouldn’t want to come to work?

People are pampering their pets more and more. Dogs and cats are children–only they have four legs instead of two. The best part about having four legged children is that you can spoil them every once in a while by bringing them to the pet spa. That is exactly what happened in today’s viral video. The video is titled, “Dog Gets Full Body Massage,” and was uploaded by YouTube Channel The Dodo. We love this channel because they are committed to sharing awesome videos for animal lovers.

The video shows a Golden Retriever getting his massage and you can literally see the tension melt away. But to be honest this dog’s life is probably pretty sweet anyways. At the final moments of the video, the dog yawns, and you can see the ultimate look of relaxation.

We loved this video and we hope you enjoy it too!

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