Hilarious Home Videos of Dogs Playing in the Snow

Dog Grooming for all the Elements: Mud, Dirt, or Snow

One of the most joyous experiences a pet owner can have is seeing their dog play in the snow for the first time. Something about the frozen white powder makes dogs act like puppies again. Especially dogs with long coats that need a lot of dog grooming like Golden Retrievers or Australian Shepherds.

Snow, for a dog, is one big giant toy that is all over the ground and comes from the sky. Plus, after a cold and wet plunge in the snow, pet parents can take their dogs in for some dog grooming at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique to get a haircut fit to look great and match the cold weather.

Today\’s viral video shows the magical moments that happen when you bring together the two elements—dogs and snow. The video was uploaded by America\’s Funniest Home Videos and is titled \”Dogs Discovering Snow.\”

One of the funniest clips happens at 1:06 when a Corgi is so excited for the snow he is literally doing back-flips. The Corgi\’s owner is shoveling snow toward the dog. Instead of getting out of the way of the frozen avalanche about to pour on top of him, the Corgi leaps into it, and back-flips as he collides with the frozen powder. Hilarious! The clip that comes right before that is what happens when snow freezes onto a dog\’s coat. Watch out! This dog is in need of some serious dog grooming and warming up.

Another super funny moment happens at 2:12. A dog is trudging his way up the front yard thinking he\’s got plenty of support underneath him. Not the case. What appears to be the ground is really just fresh powder, and he falls straight through. Haha! We won\’t give any more away, to let you enjoy the video yourselves.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hopes you enjoyed the video!


Important note: Please let dogs adapt to the cold weather and carefully monitor them while playing in the snow. Just like humans, animals need to acclimate first, then play. Also let whoever does your dog grooming know your dogs love the snow so they cut and bathe accordingly.


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