Splash and Dash Releases Aromatherapy Line

Dogs interact with the world through their noses.

During stressful times like trips to the veterinarian, or when neighbors launch fireworks, doggie stress increases. This is when dogs can show erratic behavior like excessive barking or running away. When a dog associates positive scents with positive feelings this can be relaxing.

Aromatherapy is a way to help soothe your pet. It offers a safe alternative to make your pet feel comfortable. Most dogs hate bath time. The feeling of being bathed is a foreign and stressful experience. By using aromatherapy during bath time, and other times of stress, pet owners can curb the anxiety their dogs feel.

Come in to Splash and Dash where you and your dog can discover nirvana! Pick from one of our four new amazing shampoo treatments: Renew, Energy, Hydrate, and Relax.


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