Pet Health Parents Celebrate 23rd World Spay Day

Today, February 28th, 2017, marks World Spay Day, a pet health holiday organized by the Humane Society.


The holiday was first founded by Doris Day Animal League in 1995 to bring awareness to spaying or neutering your pet to prevent the homeless animal crisis from getting worse.


World Spay Day is recognized by 70 countries and educates pet parents around the world on accessible spay/neuter programs to save the lives of feral animals, household pets, and shelter animals alike. ‘Fixing’ your pet is the responsible thing to do. Over 7.6 million animals entering shelters and 2.7 animals are euthanized animals every year. Spaying or neutering your animal can help stop these sad numbers in their tracks.


This is why Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are strong supporters and celebrants of World Spay Day. Contribute to your pet’s health by actively playing your part in the dialogue to make this world better for our pets.

Ways to Take part: Share your Pet Health Story

Use social media websites like Facebook or Twitter to share your pet health story and use the hashtag #worldspayday to database the story.  


Write to your local politicians asking them to officially legislate pet health awareness by proclaiming February 28th as World Spay Day in your local community.


Collaborate with your local Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique to host an event. The event can have a raffle, bake sale, or ‘spay-ghetti’ dinner with proceeds going to humane organizations.

Medical Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Pets live longer and healthier lives after being spayed or neutered. Most veterinarians advise spaying/neutering as imperative for optimal pet health!


Most pet experts and veterinarians agree that the optimal time for a dog to be spayed or neutered is around 6 to 9 months old. Dogs can be ‘fixed’ later in life but risks do go up for senior or obese dogs.


For cats, veterinarians advise ‘fixing’ as young as 8-weeks-old. Cats begin urinary spraying early and in an effort to avoid pregnancies most humane organizations will have a cat spayed and sterilized before adoption. For the best pet health practice, parents should schedule spaying before a cat reaches five-months-old. Also, cats can be spayed while in heat.


Spaying has been proven to prevent uterine infections and breast tumors. These infections and tumors can become cancerous or malignant in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats.


Neutering a male dog helps prevent testicular cancer and common prostate irregularities. On top of this, ‘fixed’ pets are less likely to roam curbing their chances of coming into contact with a diseased feral animal.  Early spaying and neutering are always advised for ideal pet health.

Behavioral Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Females will not go into heat. Anyone who has had a pet in heat knows this is not fun. Female felines typically go through heat for four to five days every three weeks during breeding season. During this time cats have increased urination and ‘yowl’ in an instinctive attempt to advertise for mates.


Male dogs are less likely to roam or bolt from the house. Stories of dogs crashing through windows or burrowing under doors in escape attempts are usually testosterone driven. Once a male dog has been neutered, testosterone secretion is inhibited making the overwhelming need to mate not an issue.


Male dogs are also less likely to mount other dogs or inanimate objects. Although animal behaviorists have confirmed that ‘fixed’ animals still ‘mount’ and ‘hump’ during play.


During mating season dogs will be increasingly less likely to spray the household with urine in the process of marking their territory. Some dogs are also less likely to be prone to aggression after neutering.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wishes you a happy World Spay Day and loves when pet health becomes the focus of discussion!


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Three New Pet Supplies Entering the Market

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique keeps an eye on cool new pet supplies entering the market, not only to sell in our shops, but to test out with our own dogs too.

If we think products are as useful as they are innovative we try and provide them for our favorite people and animals—you guys!

The pet industry has blossomed in the last decade and with this growth comes endless new cutting edge and pet-inspired products to sample. From dog beer to a PoopPot, Splash and Dash wanted to tell you what we think of three unique new pet supplies for the Fido in your life.

Pet Supplies for Your Dog’s Inner Pub-Hound: Bowser Beer

What’s better than getting home from a hard day’s work and having a nice cold one? The same is true for your dog. After a hard day lounging around the house, begging for treats, and licking your face our canine companions deserve a pet supplies brewski.

Whether it’s a birthday bash or just a casual unwind, Splash and Dash has our eyes on Bowser Beer. Right of the top, we’re letting you know it doesn’t actually have alcohol in it. That’s just irresponsible!

Bowser Beer is great because it is healthy and delicious for your dogs. The topper is formulated with human-grade proteins combined with malt barley which contains amino acids,  glucosamine, and B Vitamins. There is no added salt or fat. The ‘beer’ is essentially a dressed up dog broth. Currently, there are three flavors available for your pooch—Brown Beefy Ale (Beef), Cock-a-doodle Brew (Chicken), and Porky Pug Porter (Pork).

The Responsible Pet Parents Saving Grace: PoopPot

As conscience pet parents we never fail to scoop. It’s just rude. Most pet-friendly cities take aims to make it easier for pet parents to go about picking up our dog’s waste like providing bags and trash cans, but what about those walks through the neighborhood where your stuck holding a plastic bag filled with stink?

From all the way across the pond comes the answer: PoopPot. The PoopPot comes in two sizes small and large and is basically a mobile and collapsible trash can that can clip to your belt. The lid is airtight making walks odor-free. The conical shape adjusts to size and is easily collapsed for storage when not in use.

We at Splash and Dash found it easier to use than a typical poop scoop because of it’s mobility.

For the Love of Dogs

We saw the design and just fell in love with these sculpture adornments for the garden. Carruth Studios makes an exceptionally cute garden sculpture called For the Love of Dogs. The sculpture is a heart embroidered with different dog faces in the composition of a puzzle.  Each doggie face borders another.

These are days of being a proud pet parent and with the market offering an endless amount of pet supplies to boast your affections  you’re in no short supply.

Each sculpture is hand-crafted and wrapped. Stones come in Terracotta, Natural Stone, Aged Stone, Green, and Designer White. Planting one of these in your yard will plant a seed of happiness for all who see.


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Peculiar Dog Grooming Pooches Begin Dog Show

Fans of the Westminster dog show know all about the elaborate dog grooming that each breed is known for.


Breeds like the Komondors with their strands of matted hair that look like mopped dreadlocks, or the Poodles that have their coat groomed in giant poofs emblematic of their name, are all regulars at the Westminster dog show.


What about a dog breed that requires a different kind of maintenance for dog grooming?

Dog Grooming: Westminster Kennel Club

Last month at a news conference the kennel club announced three breeds new to compete in the avant-garde dog show: the Pumi, a furry teddy-bear dog, the Sloughi an elegant cousin of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the Hairless American Terrier, the dog many think requires no dog grooming.


That’s right. No hair. Almost like the Chinese Crested Dog or the Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintli), these guys are all skin. Janet Parker and her dog Walkyr have entered the competition and she told the New York Times that her dog’s skin feels like “a warm piece of bologna.”


The “hairlessness” of dog breeds like these are actually highly sought after. The American Hairless Terrier is a mutant Rat Terrier that never existed until 1972. The Rat Terrier is a burrowing dog that is used to hunt rats in Louisiana. The hairless gene is recessive and some accidental Oedipus-inspired breeding took place. Now the American Hairless Terrier will be jumping through hoops in the Westminster agility competition.


Because the dogs have no coat, their exposed skin needs moisturizer as part of their dog grooming ritual. Depending on the amount of direct sunlight the dogs are under they will also need sunscreen. Many pet parents love this dog because it does not shed, is non-allergenic, and has relatively low maintenance for dog grooming as far as bathing goes. There is also an esoteric appeal the hairless breeds possess.

Hairless Breeds Competing

“They have an aura about them,” said Jennifer Young-Johnson who planned to take two (Xoloitzcuintli) to the show. “They don’t have a purpose like going and getting the paper or something. They think they’re gods.  It’s like, you’re not worthy,” Johnson tells the New York Times.


Johnson usual special dog grooming products.  She receives a high-end moisturizer and exfoliant from a pet accessories company that has a special arrangement with her one of her dogs. Similarly, the Chinese crested need moisturizing cream to keep their skin elegant.


One of the twists of the breeds is that these “hairless” dogs aren’t actually fully hairless. The Chinese Crested is bred in two forms. Powerpuffs—a variation of the Chinese Crested with splotches of hairless areas usually in the chest and belly area and the true hairless form are both recognized as Chinese crested. But even the hairless crested have wisps of hair.


Many of the pet parents at the Westminster dog show have their dogs groomed to appear hairless.  “It’s a secret,” Johnson told New York Times. “You will not know how much body hair my dog has. I will make it perfect on the day of the show.”


It seems even exotic breeds still go to extensive dog grooming lengths to impress judges at this year’s dog show.


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Top Five Must Have Dog Services Apps for Your Phone

Dogs are our best and most loyal friends. They are our children, only they have four legs instead of two. The world has realized this and prepared modern pet owners with dog services that can help across the board. Many of these dog services can be used right on your smartphone and will make your day much easier!

Technology gets better and handier every day. This article walks you through five of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique’s favorite apps for Fido.

Keep Your dog Safe with GPS: Tagg

The 14th of this month was not only beloved Valentine’s Day, but also National Pet Theft Awareness Day. What better way to show our love as guardians to our pets then too also celebrate a holiday that helps protect them. With over 2 million pets stolen each year in the U.S., you’ll be interested in checking out Tagg.

This app synchronizes with a GPS locator attached to your dog’s collar. We love it because not only can you rest assuredly, knowing your dog is safe, but it can also track your dog’s exercise, and alert you if your dog goes out of the boundaries you set up.

ASPCA’s Dog Services APP: Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a thorough list of amazing dog services apps.

One of our favorites is APCC. The app is a database of everything and anything toxic to your animals. APCC features information on plants, foods, medication, weather hazards, and household cleaning chemicals that could be possibly harmful to your pets. Information like levels of toxicity for a certain breed and one-touch speed dialing to poison control makes this app a must-have.

The definitions and data on every hazard are in-depth and easily accessible through the app’s search function.

For the Social Pet Parents: Pack Dog

Not all dog services are serious. Sometimes you and your dog just need have a little fun. This app—Pack Dog—does that and more!

Most pet parents are pretty active on social media. They have a lot to brag about with such cute pets! This app helps connect the dog owners of the world.

Pet parents can instantly post pictures of their dog photos on their own pet profile, create a “dog family” for communal photo posting, and cheer up the internet by posting and viewing the latest updates on different celebrity dogs and dog breeds.

Dog Walking App for Humanitarians: Walk for A Dog

What’s better than walking your dog? Walking your dog while supporting local animal organizations! That’s exactly what this app does.

Walk for A Dog dog services app tracks your walking activity and donates to your community. The amount donated is determined by the number of walkers for your selected animal organization. Walk with intention! Walk for a Dog and help needy animals everywhere!

Dog Services App for Dog Training: Pooch

Whether you have a new puppy or need to teach an old dog new tricks, this dog training resource is convenient for dog training of all levels.

Pooch uses humane training principles to establish a good relationship with your dog and fast results.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique believes in positive reinforcement techniques for training. Pooch covers everything from crate training to advanced tricks like “play dead.” Everything is tracked and systematized making it a breeze to get Fido to be a good boy.

Our Promise

Using dog services in a technologically driven world should be easy. Using these apps can make this happen. Each of these apps are peer reviewed and have excellent ratings.

We hope you and your dog benefit and have fun with each of these helpful and fun apps! Each is downloadable in the app store.

Can I use Human Shampoo Instead of Dog Grooming Shampoo?

We have all been there. We get home from work greeted by a stinky dog that is overdue for their dog grooming. It’s already late and pet stores are closed. Unfortunately so is Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. The dog is stinking to high heavens and needs dog grooming shampoo ASAP. You go into the bathroom and all you have is human shampoo. Should you wait to take your dog to Splash and Dash, or use human shampoo?

Please do not use human shampoo on a dog. Only formulated dog grooming shampoo should be used for our canines companions. Using human shampoos can be precarious and harmful for dog’s skin which is different from human skin.

Why ONLY Dog Grooming Shampoo?

Human Skin

The answer boils down to the difference between human skin and dog skin. Part of skin has something called the acid mantle—a lightly acidic layer that protects the topmost absorbent layer of skin called the stratum corneum. The acidic mantle is the barrier between these two components of skin from bacteria and viruses. The stratum corneum maintains excessive evaporation and keeps the body hydrated.

When people bathe, the stratum corneum is stripped away leaving one’s skin vulnerable. Most high-quality shampoos are formulated with moisturizers that replenish the acidic mantle until the body can replenish them in a 12-hour cycle.

The acidic mantle also refers to pH balance. The pH, or potential of hydrogen, scale ranges from 0 to 14 with an optimal balance for a human being anywhere from 5.2 to 6.2. A potential of hydrogen level lower than 6.4 is considered highly acidic while levels higher than 6.4 are considered highly alkaline. Shampoos maintain the delicate pH balance.

Dog Skin

Dog grooming shampoo is formulated with a dog’s pH balance in mind. Dog’s skin has more of an alkaline concentration which ranges from 5.5 to 7.5  depending on breed, gender, climate, and size of a dog. If you are not using a dog grooming shampoo the wash will disrupt the dog’s acidic mantle creating a pH balance highly susceptible to environmental contaminants.

The skin becomes host to parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Think of your dog’s skin as an environment. Dog grooming shampoo makes that environment healthy by establishing and maintaining its balance—pH.

Without proper skin restoration through using only dog grooming shampoo your dog’s skin and coat will actually smell worse. The generation of bacteria that erupts after improper washing is what makes a dog’s coat continue to smell. Also, many dogs will scratch and bite at the itchy dry skin. This creates abrasions for bacteria to invade.

Dog grooming shampoo counters all these problems.

What Should I look for in Dog Grooming Shampoo Formulas?

Read dog grooming shampoos ingredient lists and labels. Read for all-natural ingredients and moisturizers like lavender, Vitamin E, and Argan oil.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has our own line of dog grooming shampoos that feature these ingredients and more. The dog grooming shampoos also focus on aromatherapy. Because dogs make sense of their world with their nose and sniffing, the scents are all-natural and help reinforce soothing feelings.

When shopping for dog grooming shampoo you are looking for one with a neutral pH balance around 7. This the optimal pH balance that will keep dog skin moisturized and healthy.  Also be aware of perfumes and fragrances.

Dog’s have a sense of smell that is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human being. What smells fresh and clean to us can give a dog a roaring headache, agitation, or cause an allergic reaction. Dog grooming shampoo does not have any unnatural fragrance additives and will have a scent that is pleasing to a dog’s sense of smell.

So, next time you’re in between two fires and you consider washing your dog without the properly formulated dog grooming shampoo—please don’t. Take your dog to a professional groomer that is trained to do more than just wash dogs.


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Know Proper Pet Care for National Pet Theft Awareness Day

February 14th is famously known for being the American holiday Valentine’s Day, but a lesser known but equally important day for pet care.  Our pets have snuggled their way into our hearts. For this reason, Valentine’s Day celebrations will coincide with National Pet Theft Awareness Day.


Every year, around 2 million animals are stolen. These captured animals become victim to horrible fates. Some animals are used as bait for dog fights, bred in puppy mills, or sold to labs for animal testing. Only 10 percent of stolen animals make it back home.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants to help end these inhumane outcomes by increasing awareness and celebrating National Pet Theft Awareness Day.


This pet care article shows pet parents different ways of protecting their animals against theft.

Pet Care Solution: Microchips


The are a few options of inexpensive microchips available on the market. Many are under $20 and can be administered easily by a veterinarian.


Microchips are radio frequency identification devices (RFID). They can be read using a scanner or wand and are registered with a unique identification code and your personal phone number. The chip sits under the skin and is placed there easily. The process is very simple and usually costs $30 to $40.


The American Kennel Club (AKC), International Humane Society, and a majority of non-profit rescues have the ability to scan for microchips. When your stolen dog is recovered a dog services employee will scan for a chip immediately, then return your pet safely.


Some high-tech devices can even pinpoint your animal’s location. Even if a thief steals your dog, they will not get far with police easily following their whereabouts with GPS.


Dog Tags


Dog tags are the analog version of pet care microchips. Although tags can be removed by thieves, they are still effective for lost animals who may have bolted. This can be useful for animals who are wandering the streets. Animal rescue services can identify animals with the tags and return them home safe.


Dog tags are the first line of defense for active pet care. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique provides Pet Care First Aid Kits that include a dog tag kit. They are great for all occasions of emergency!


Helpful Pet Care Tips to Keep Animals Safe


  • Never leave your pets unattended in the yard. It only takes a few seconds for someone to snatch them.
  • Refrain from leaving your dog tied up in front of a store.
  • Do not leave your animal in the car. Not only could someone break in, but in only a few minutes a car’s temperature to soar to sweltering.
  • Never abandon an animal. If you can no longer take care of any animal contact your local rescue group for assistance.
  • Keep recent photos and a description of your animals handy in case of emergencies.
  • Properly identify your animal with pet care microchips and dog tags.

The Facts Behind Pet Theft


Many risks are out of sight, and of course inevitably out of mind. Yet the 2 million cases of theft each year is a constant reminder to keep your animals safe.


The United States Department of Agriculture licenses animal dealers with a class A license. These dealers sell more than 24 animals to laboratories a year and are regulated by maintaining their own breeding colonies.


Sadly, a loophole exists. Anyone can acquire a Class B Dealer’s license that obtain animals from “random sources.” The USDA handles regulating all dealers for the health and safety of animals, but this is not always prioritized.


Class B dealers collect pets from unsuspecting families trying to get their dog to a reputable rescue group and by stealing them. These animals are then sold to laboratories. Investigations of these Class B dealers have shown animals abused beyond the point of negligence.

(We’ll spare you the gruesome details, but want to emphasize that this cruelty must be stopped).


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique encourages pet parents to exercise proper pet care. Use identification systems just in case your dog ever bolts or is stolen. Valentine’s day is about showing those around us our love. An act of love is guardianship.


Happy Valentine’s and National Pet Theft Awareness Day!


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Pet Care: Mixed Breed or Purebred?

One of the most exciting times to get the family together, teach the kids some responsibility, and open your home to a loving companion is getting a dog. Many scrutinize over the American Kennel Club’s extensive list of breeds. Or comb through shelters looking for the perfect mixed breed pup for the family. Each dog has different styles of training to match their disposition. Coat lengths and lifespan expectations affect pet care.


Know what you’re getting into before you bring a dog home.


It’s a personal choice. Whether you go with a purebred or mix breed, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what you are looking for. Some look for purebreds because there is less of a guessing game for looks and behaviors. Mix breeds are also popular because they are unique.


Is there a Difference in Pet Care Health?


The topic is widely debated—whether or not there are any hereditary advantages between a purebred or mixed breed. Many argue due to inbreeding, mixed breeds are healthier because of the larger genetic pool.


This should not be an issue if you are going through a reputable breeder. Definitively, there has been a study conducted by Bellumori in 2013 which took 27,000 dogs and examined them in comparison to the rate of incidence of 24 common genetic disorders in mixed breeds versus purebreds.


The pet care study found that the incidence of 10 genetic disorders were significantly greater (42%) in purebred dogs.  They also concluded that the incidence of 1 genetic disorder (ruptured cranial cruciate ligament), was 24% greater in mixed breed dogs. Finally, the rest of disorders examined found no difference between mixed breed and purebred dogs.


Take these findings with a grain of salt. This is one isolated study, but it does give strong insights into what prevalent pet care could be anticipated.


Which Breed Should I Choose?


I would like to preface this with saying that breed recommending can be a problematic thing for dogs and their pet parents. Breed is a personal choice. The pet care that goes into different breeds depends on your lifestyle. When stigmas or falsified information on breed temperament spreads without substantiation this can be harmful for a dog.


For instance, many say Boxers are unintelligent dogs. This is simply not true. Intelligence is a relative and subjective thing and you should never limit your dog’s training potential based on a stereotype. This goes against pet care.


The best way to search for a dog is to figure out what kind of lifestyle you live. Do you go on runs and stay active? Do you vacation frequently? Do you live near a dog park or dog beach? Can you return home during the day to walk your dog? How long are you willing to a walk a dog?


These pet care questions help narrow the search for both mix breeds and purebreds. If you don’t want to walk a dog for more than a trip around the block don’t get a Golden Retriever or Dalmatian that are highly active. If you want a water-dog that can hang at the beach, getting a Corgi with short legs and long coat might not be the best choice.


Of course, mixed breeds will be more on a case-by-case basis, but ask the staff at your local animal shelter their thoughts and take the time to really get to know the dog before making any final decisions.

Pet Care and Dog Training


No matter which option you decide, pet care and dog training are important for the first weeks of bringing a dog in. Puppies and senior dogs both need socialization and loving support to get accustomed.


Pet care for puppies begins early.


Talk to a veterinarian about diet options. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique always recommends the rotational diet which harmonizes dry, raw, can, and fresh foods to vary your dog’s diet. Pet grooming is also essential part of pet care. Brush your dog daily to remove dead hairs and distribute a dog’s natural body oils. Have a professional trim your dog’s nails to prevent bad posture and a torqued spine.


Puppies also need adequate training while they are young so they do not pick up bad habits. Senior dogs will need plenty of a love and affection to show them they are part of the family.


Plenty of exercise, treats, and affection shows all dogs your love and curbs behavioral problems.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wishes you luck in your journey to find the perfect dog. Do your research! It will be worth it when you find the purr-fect mixed breed or purebred dog!


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Dog Groomers’ Duty to Spot Kidney Diseases

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Dog Groomers Help with Preventative Care

After pet obesity, the most common pet illness is kidney disease.  In fact, 1 in 3 cats and 1 in ten dogs will be affected by kidney disease once in their lifetime, according to reputable veterinary journals. As more information is gathered, researchers believe the number could be higher. These statistics alert pet parents and dog groomers on the prevalence of kidney disease.  

Splash and Dash dog groomers understand and carry out their role as part of the preventative care dogs need for a long healthy life.

Groomers not only love cutting stylized haircuts, but the duty of spotting possible illnesses to provide high-quality and compassionate care for animals.

What is Kidney Disease?

The two most common types of kidney disease in pets are chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Acute Kidney Disease.

Chronic kidney disease is the slow decline of kidney function. This is most apparent in the head-to-tail assessment that is performed by dog groomers. The earlier it is identified, the easier CKD is treated.

Acute kidney disease moves much quicker than CKD and is more likely to be noticed by pet parents because symptoms strike fast. A sudden or acute injury to the kidney is the typical source. If you notice your animal has stopped producing urine altogether seek out emergency veterinary service immediately.

Dog Groomers Inspect Pet Health Nose-to-Tail

While caring for your pet, groomers keep their eyes peeled.  Every time your pet comes in, a thorough pet health assessment takes place.

Groomers have trained eyes that notice subtle signs and abnormalities that pet parents overlook. Symptoms of kidney disease might seem more obvious for a dog groomer because they care for an animal periodically.  Differences will be more blatant.

Also for long-haired breeds with lots of extra fluff,  groomers are able to see their true body size because a wet dog gives a much more revealing look into a pet’s health.

If a Splash and Dash dog groomer notices any alarming symptoms they will gently notify a client. Since this is such a sensitive issue our dog groomers are always vigilant in observing pet’s health and will also help educate pet parents.

Skin Elasticity, Dry Gums, and Dehydration

Dehydration is a sign of moderate to severe kidney disease. For pets that are already suffering from a kidney disease, being dehydrated can make things worse.

When skin doesn’t snap back into place this is a sign of extreme dehydration. Obviously, droopy coated breeds like Bloodhounds are exceptions, but their skin will still be responsive.

When dog groomers check the oral hygiene of your dog they look for lips sticking to the gum-line. This is an indication of dehydration.

Coat Luster, Cleanliness, and Broken Hairs

As kidney disease becomes more critical it becomes apparent in coat shine. A dog’s coat is an overall indicator of health. Also, if a cat fails to self-groom this is a sign they are incredibly sick. Cat and dog owners who see a noticeable change in behavior or coat luster should contact their veterinarian.

When a coat loses its vitality hairs will break or clumps can even fall away. Dog groomers are cognizant of this and watch for coat health during assessments.

Saliva Stains and Urine Scalding

Increased thirst and urination incontinence are associated with chronic kidney disease in dogs. Female dogs are especially susceptible to lower urinary issues.

Dog groomers are trained to watch for over-grooming of the perineal or preputial areas. Any saliva stains or urine scalding in these areas are always noted.

Sudden or Prolonged Weight Loss

Trips the dog groomers are much more regular than veterinary visits. This allows groomers to be the first line of defense to deter bad health conditions.

A wet dog shows a more accurate portrayal of body mass index. When coats are wet revealing a more pronounced look at a dog, groomers are taking notes.

Pet parents should discuss with your veterinarian what the optimal weight of your pet is, and a diet to maintain this.

Changes in Vision

Eye accuracy is also measured in a dog groomer assessment.

Redness, irritation or dilated pupils are signs of hypertension caused by kidney disease.

Not only will dog groomers survey a dog’s eye before grooming, but they pay extra close attention to detail when trimming around the eye areas to make sure everything looks okay.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Promise

All staff at every Splash and Dash shop takes their job and role in the community very seriously to deliver the service and compassion that makes us award-winning dog groomers.

Part of this job is to recognize and identify some of the external evidence that an internal medical problem is occurring. If we see any red flags that require a pet parents’ awareness, or a trip to a veterinarian, we will alert you.

Many times the earlier you can catch these complications, the easier and cheaper it is to treat them. We all have loving pets who wait for us at our homes too. We keep them in mind when working with your animals to ensure we are giving our clients the most conscious grooming experience possible.


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Happy Valentine’s Day from Splash and Dash!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To help you and your four-legged loved ones enjoy the romance of the holiday, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has a special Off-Fur.

For the Feb, 14th we want to extend the luxury of a Pawdicure and either facial for ONLY $14! Our way of shooting Cupid’s arrow.

Help your pet impress their special valentine at the dog park, or just feel themselves on Saint Valentines Day with this chance to show some extra lovin’!


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

10 Fun Pet Store Facts You’ll Be Surprised to Know

Never Lose at Pet Store Trivia with These 10 Facts


Whether you work at a pet store, come up against animal trivia, or just want to know more about the animals in your home this video illuminates some of the fuzzy areas of knowledge. They might even some of the debate circling around your neighborhood pet store.


At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we aim to carry the responsibility of ensuring that outdated and harmful information is corrected. Misinformed pet owners and even dog groomers can possibly hurt an animal, or even worse. As leaders in the communities our shops are located in, we strive to educate the public on making the best choices for their animals.


  1. Dogs drink water forming the back of their tongue into a cup.
  2. Spiked dog collars originated in Ancient Greece and were designed to protect dog’s throats from wolf attacks.
  3. A dog’s wet nose is essential for detecting scents.
  4. Seeing eye dogs will urinate and defecate on command for the ease of their owners.
  5. Dogs do not enjoy hugs. They may perceive it a sign of affection, but they would much rather lick your face!
  6. Dogs can see in color. They see in a blue and yellow spectrum and cannot differentiate between red and green.
  7. Dogs can smell disease. They have the incredible ability to recognize the smell of a range of organic compounds that show that the human body isn’t working as it should.
  8. Dogs dream. In fact, small dogs dream more than bigger dogs and have the same brain waves during humans during deep sleep.
  9. Dogs have three eyelids. On upper, one lower, and a Nictitating Membrane that keeps the eye moist.
  10. Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet.


From your local mom and pop pet store, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, we hope you enjoyed the video and learned something valuable.


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