3 Reasons Salon Grooming is Great for Your Dog’s Health

A doggie spa experience is just as much a necessity as it is a luxury for your dog\’s health. Yes, salon grooming helps pamper your dog, but more importantly, it promotes their well-being and can help you save some long term money.


After a trip to Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, your dog will not only smell great, but will also be more relaxed while professionals take the opportunity to inspect their health. Of course, dog groomers are not veterinarians, but all Splash and Dash dog groomers have training to help in preventative care.


Taking your dog to a professional for salon grooming maintenance is one of the healthiest practices for your dog.

How Important is Salon Grooming For Your Pet\’s Health?

A dog\’s comfort centers around their coat. This is one of the easiest steps toward providing for your dog\’s comfort. Have you ever had a ponytail or braids that were tied too tight? This is how dogs feel when their coats begin matting—a constant tug on their skin.


Excessive matting can lead to skin irritations, bacteria build-up, and if left untreated hair loss can occur.


Even short haired dog breeds need regular washing and brushing around once a week depending on their lifestyle. This keeps coats shiny, clean, and knot-free. Regular washing also regulates a dog\’s skin pH balance. Skin maladies like hot spots, infections, and fleas and ticks can all be prevented with routine salon grooming.


When groomers wash through a dog\’s thick coat, they are able to peer through the hair and get a direct look at your dog\’s skin. Reputable dog groomers will scan for any injuries or possible conditions then alert pet owners so they can seek out veterinary assistance.


Splash and Dash groomers will attend to your dog\’s bath, clip, nails, glands, brushing, teeth brushing and more including showroom style cuts. Most importantly the salon grooming your dog will get will make them feel comfortable and loved.

Salon Grooming Helps Alleviate Doggie Anxiety

Dogs are complex emotional creatures. They need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise to be happy. Dog\’s can experience compounded stress and if what\’s causing the stress isn\’t changed, a dog\’s behavior can become erratic. This can lead to barking, snapping, and urinating inside. Senior dogs and rescues are particularly susceptible to prolonged stress and need accommodations for their comfort.


A dog will exhibit signs of stress with their body language. Lip licking, hyper-vigilant scanning of their environment, and continual barking are a few symptoms of dog stress. If your dog is showing these signs this could be a signal they are experiencing more than normal amounts of anxiety. Dogs gain stress for many different reasons. A move to a new home, thunderstorms, prolonged separation from their owner, and visits to a veterinarian or all high-anxiety situations.


The best way to cope with this is to acclimate your dog to these high-stress situations early on in life. This means starting salon grooming early and comforting your dog during their first experiences like a storm or vet visit. If your dog is exhibiting extended stress signals, please contact your veterinarian.  


A creditable dog groomerie makes pet safety and comfort their top priority. Dogs who are not accustomed to the experience of salon grooming will need a gentle touch while being handled during their bathing. Relaxing techniques like aromatherapy and proper handling should leave dogs feeling rejuvenated. They should leave the groomerie with their tails wagging!


Splash and Dash Offers Opportunity to Provide the Best for Your Dog

In the last few years, America has become more aware of the foods we put into our bodies. This goes for all members of the family, even the four-legged ones. It is called premiumization. This is a recent push toward providing more healthy and nutritious options for ourselves and our pets.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique recommends using the rotational diet. Balancing raw, dry, can, and fresh preparations of foods for your dog can diversify their diet and provide all the nutrition a dog needs to thrive. Options in pet foods like human grade and holistic formulas are also recommended.


When you take your dog in for salon grooming, this should also be a chance for you to find the best methods for caring for your pet. At Splash and Dash, our entire staff is ready to help. We are passionate about pet care! Not only can you find affordable brands of dog food, treats, and pet supplies, but also the healthiest option for your dog. The same options we provide in our stores are what we take home to give to our own pets.


Come on in and see for yourself!  


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