Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


We absolutely love videos with features like this. The focus of this video centers around Muttville, a California based dog rescue that caters to the senior dog. Sherri Franklin–Founder of Muttville–was working at local shelters in her neighborhood. She noticed a hole in the dog rescue system. Over 75,000 stray animals in America shelters have no choice but to euthanize a senior dog. Dogs who are not adopted are basically put on death row. Very sad.

Franklin took it upon herself to start her own dog rescue. She works alongside San Fransisco animals shelters. Muttville has a focus on problems outside the animal shelter’s  limits. This is how Muttville became a reality.

The non-profit works alongside shelters all over the city to help find loving homes for the senior dogs. From the beginning of the non-profit, to the time the video was posted on September 2, Franklin has helped over 4,000 senior dogs find homes. This is amazing! We salute this woman for her efforts, and hope that Muttville continues to grow.

Muttville is an amazing accomplishment. It is a rescue mission that is benefiting everyone. “People who never got out to the house, now know their neighbors, because they walk their dogs everywhere,” Franklin said.

We at Splash and Dash love seeing hard work through the kinship of a senior dog can give way to a better world. Over at Muttville, this is happening everyday!

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