10 Cutest Doggies of YouTube

Studies have shown that watching cute pet videos online reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. So we advise that you take 3 minutes to watch this one. The video 10 Cutest Dogs of YouTubers, posted by YouTube user Fun Over Easy, is a double whammy.

It features famous YouTube channel owner\’s adorable little dogs. You can tell the Pomeranian and Yorkie have been to the pet spa recently. Each one is cuter than the next! We couldn’t decide. Let us know which one you thinks deserves the number one spot!

Comment on our Facebook Page which pup is the cutest. If you think your doggie’s even cuter, leave a photo of them.


    10.Matt the Maltipoo, half Maltese Half Poodle

  1. Eevee, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  1. Sundae, Toy American Eskimo
  1. Teddy, Corgi
  1. Chica, Golden Retriever
  1. Cinco, Pomeranian
  1. Cooper, Golden Retriever
  1. Edgar, Pug
  1. Dollar, Tea Cup Yorkie
  1. Flash, Siberian Husky
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