How Your Dog Views the World

What Dogs at the Pet Store Are Thinking

Dogs have such fun expressions. They smile when it’s time for petting or a walk. They pout when you leave them for work. They light up when you get close to the pet store. Their facial features really do tell us what their thinking. This video from BuzzFeedBlue shows the story of this bond so well. It shows the world from your dog’s perspective. While you watch the video you enter the inner monologue of Roxie, a Maltese mix.

Everything is from point of view of Roxie–the whole world. You wake up her owner, and beg her to go for a walk. You walk down the streets and protect her from the “big piece of metal” that is a delivery truck. The voice of Roxie is adorable, and has the same cute inflection you would think a Maltese would have.

One of the funniest moments of the video is when Roxie is deciding where to use the bathroom. “Gotta poop, gotta poop, which way is the gravitational force pulling?” she monologues to herself. Hilarious! Another funny moment happens later in the walk. Roxie decides to set her owner up and plays cute-sy when a guy walks up. “She’ll thank me later for that,” she says.

After the walk the owner leaves. Leaving Roxie to destroy the apartment and drink from the toilet which she refers to as “The biggest water bowl in the universe.” Roxie eats her owner’s shoes. Gets into the garbage can. You know, typical dog things. When her owner returns she professes that she’s been a good girl minus the trash, the shoes, and the toilet bowl. Haha!

We enjoyed video and we hope you do too!

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