5 Ways Dog Grooming Brings You Closer to Your Pets

All pet parents know the joy of waking up to the wet kisses of their face being licked by their dog or cat. The kinship between dog and human runs deep. We have lived side-by-side with dogs since domesticating them thousands of years ago. We show our affection, love, and nurturing by honoring this bond with our animals. The pet parents\’ inherent responsibility is to return our dog\’s loyalty with devotion. One of the best ways to do this is through dog grooming.

Just like you, dogs can feel under the weather. Dogs experience sickness, distress, and behavioral issues. Pet parents need to make habitual choices to give their pet the healthiest lifestyle possible.

This means proper exercise, diet, and of course dog grooming.

Exercise keeps their body healthy, while a nutritious diet provides sustenance, and dog grooming maintains their appearance with preventative care. All these things are important for pet care. A healthy dog with longevity should get every resource they need. Not only do these things provide health support, but they also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Having your dog visit a professional dog groomer shows them your love.


The First Step to Dog Grooming: Bathing

Veterinarians and pet experts agree, dogs of all breeds need regular bathing to support the cell structure of their coat. Bathing not only washes dogs, but it prevents the buildup of dirt and toxic chemicals used in lawn maintenance which can be harmful to a dog\’s skin.

Dogs do not need to bathe as often as humans.

But, most pet experts state, dog grooming should take place around once a week, sometimes more for long haired breeds. Bathing can be a vigorous task. Dogs who are not accustomed to regular bathing can be resistant and can harm themselves or their owners.

Dog grooming also requires formulated dog shampoo. The perfumes and fragrances in human shampoos can give dogs headaches since their noses are thousands of times more sensitive than humans.

For your convenience and the safety of your dog, it is best to leave bathing to a professional. A dog grooming professional can spot skin irritations like hot spots, early on and with a trained eye and can help prevent any maladies from becoming expensive.



Regular brushing is equally important for dog health.

Brushing prevents matting—an uncomfortable tangling of the hair when locked together. It also distributes the natural oils that occur on dog\’s skin evenly. Damaged hairs are removed while the brush itself stimulates the hair follicles.

Dogs need to be brushed everyday. Just like bathing, pet parents will want to start early so that their dog is accustomed to the practice. This will make them more eager to the foreign experience as they age.

Brushing can be done at home, but for a full-body brush done with expertise that prevents agitation and removes all damaged hair, you might consider having a professional do it.


Paw and Nails

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique urges pet parents to have a professional dog groomer cut their dog\’s nails. Blood supply runs through the nail further back toward the paw. This is called the quick. If you trim the nail too far back to the quick an animal can bleed.

Nail trimming is a vitally important part of dog grooming.

Overly long nails can cause bad posture which torques the spine. Dog\’s nails also grow in curves and if they are left long they will curb inward into a painful position. The pads of a dog\’s paw also can collect sharp debris or hazardous lawn chemicals that need to be washed away. Harsh cleaning products can absorb into a dog\’s paw even after drying.


Teeth, Ears, and Glands

Dog oral hygiene is also vital.

Rubber and rawhide chew bones do help strengthen jaw muscles and scrape plaque away from teeth, but for complete dental cleaning, you will also need to have your dog\’s teeth brushed.

Veterinarians advise having your dog\’s teeth brushed every 2-3 days if not daily. Do not use human toothpaste which contains fluoride (poisonous to dogs!) and use a formulated doggie toothpaste. The toothbrush you use should be double-headed with bristles facing at a 45-degree angle to reach below the gumline.


A dog\’s ears also need to be cleaned. Most dogs, even if they are habituated to having their ears cleaned hate the process. Again, professional hands are the best to do this. Do not go too far into a dog\’s ear canal because this can damage the eardrum. Remove all dirt and debris from the ear regularly.

The anal glands of a dog also need to be cleaned. This is as important as it is unpleasant. Without proper dog grooming to these areas, bladder complications can occur. (We\’ll spare you the details).

Show Your Dog Your Love

Having a dog groomer constantly monitoring your dog\’s health is preventative care. Groomers can catch a problem while it can still be treated without the expensive clinical fix of veterinarians.

Dog grooming actually saves pet parents money.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants your dog to be more than healthy. We want to them to feel loved! A great way for you to extend your love to your dog is to make sure they get plenty of long walks, toys to keep their curious mind active, and are groomed regularly.

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