Do All Dogs Like Being Dressed Up?

Does my dog love it when I dress them in cute clothes?

There\’s no right or wrong answer, It depends on the dog. As long as you\’re not doing any harm or noticing any discomfort or unexpected behaviors – dogs will entertain the idea of wearing an outfit.

You know your dog\’s disposition better than anyone. If they have the patience and don\’t mind the added attention, go for it! Many times, if a dog has been conditioned to wearing outfits since a puppy, they often learn to enjoy the extra attention (& treats) that dress-up-time offers.

Fun Fact: 78% of pet owners like to dress up their fur babies.


Consider these Doggy Wardrobe Do\’s & Dont\’s:

  1. Comfort First

    Inexpensive costumes, poor seam-work, and less than ideal fabrics could cause painful rubbing against a dog\’s skin. Overstimulation and overheat can also occur, causing your dog unnecessary discomfort and stress.

  2. Praise the Pretty

    It\’s very important to make dressing your dog a positive experience, reward dress-up with treats, and lots of cheerful praise.

  3. Clothes as Tools

    Tight clothes, like a ThunderShirt, or a DIY variation of one can work to reduce anxiety in some dogs. Clothes can be used to cover surgery sites, wounds, or skin conditions.

  4. Fit, Fur, Fun, & Function!

    Make sure that the fit allows your dog to move, be careful when handling legs, and dress slowly. Be certain the garment is appropriate for the weather so your dog doesn’t overheat. Dogs with thin/no hair coats, or in very cold climates can greatly benefit from a sweater or jacket.

  5. Safety over Style

    Dogs should always be supervised while wearing clothes. If your fur-child likes to chew beds, fabrics, and soft toys, they will likely chomp on the outfits. Do not mix crate-training with dress-up-time.


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