Splash and Dash for Dogs: The Cat Collar with Human Voices

Splash and Dash for Dog’s also loves our cats! We’ve always wondered what their saying to us with their meows and usually are left just guessing. They have food. They have water. And the petting seems to never stop, so why are they still meowing? If you ever wondered just as we have, new technology is pathing the way between cat meowing and translating this into a human voice. Studies have shown that cats use meows to communicate solely with humans. They do not meow to other cats. Each meow has a different pitch and influctation and can be translated to mean different things. The folks over at CATTERBOX™ have developed a translating collar and this video, The world’s first talking cat collar (60) shows us how it works. Scientists at TEMPTATIONS™ analyzed different cat meows and configured them to personalized exclamations your cat makes. The cat meow that says, “I’m hungry” will translate into just that. Pretty cool!

#Barkmyvote Campaign aired on Fox & Friends for Dogs to Vote for President

CEO and Founder of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Interviewed on Fox Morning Show for Bark My Vote Marketing Campaign

Sept. 29 (6;40 a.m. EST) – This Morning, Dan J. Barton appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the merits of the Bark my Vote campaign with For Anchors. The segment aired live, and is available to view on the Fox & Friend’s website. The Splash and Dash segment featured six dogs, with three anchors interviewing Barton on the street in New York City.img_1045

Fox anchors joked with Barton, saying “Is it in Dan Barton, or Bar-kton?”

After the pun introduction, the interviewers asked how the Bark My Vote challenge began. “I have a Yorkie at home who loves politics,” Barton said. “When we watch the news in the morning, her ears just perk up when there’s politicians on T.V.. That’s what started the idea. How cool would it be if they could vote with us?”

The Bark My Vote campaign works just like the regular voter booth–only with dogs. A mat is placed on the ground with an elephant shaped cookie representing republicans, and a donkey shaped cookie for the democrats.
Whichever cookie the dog picks, casts their ballot for either party. The cookies are all natural, organic, and colored patriotically. The parties are a little different in this political arena. One party, the Re-pup-licans. The other, the Demo-cats.

The polls are open now at www.barkmyvote.com

img_1046Gus, the pug went straight for the elephant cookie live on air. The pug even went back for more of the cookie, and Fox anchors joked “He’s voting twice.”

Fox anchor asked Barton after the dogs voted,”Now does the Demo-cat taste like high taxes, and the Re-pup-lican taste like a wall?”
Barton laughed saying, “No we wanted to be fair.”

The segment ended showing the dogs sniffing around the treats as they got ready to #barkmyvote.

To watch the segment click here.

The Fox anchors included Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy.


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Splash and Dash for Dogs: Pet’s Interview with Pet Psychic

Splash and Dash for Dog’s brings you a BuzzFeedBlue video called Pets See a Pet Psychic. The video shows Ellen Lance–a self-proclaimed pet communicator–meeting with a cat and dog to discuss their energy fields. BuzzFeedBlue is a sub channel of BuzzFeed’s YouTube page that posts how-to, DIY, and science related videos. The Science behind Lance’s psychic readings may be questionable, but her results are a little freaky. Lance uses a communication she describes as “moving energy,” where she transmutes energy blocks around animals to perform psychic readings. She also uses flower essences against the pet’s energy field to see what resonates with them around their bodies.

Lance immediately proclaims to a cat owner that her cat does not want to be called “Fatty,” and is able to diagnose crystals in the cat’s kidneys. Lance also is able to prophesize that a Pit Bull Terrier was used as “bait,” and this is why she is wary of other dogs. The video shows Lance communicating with the animals as if she can speak with them like humans.

Splash and Dash for Dog’s doesn’t know whether this psychic is the real deal or not, but she sure seems to get a lot right. Watch this video and find out for yourself.

Splash and Dash for Dogs has 5 Tips for Going Back to School

Summer is Over and the Kids are Heading Back to Class Leaving the Doggies Free to Roam the House

The summer brought the heat and the fun times. The beach was enticing and the barbecues were tasty. As summer gives way to fall the kids will be away from the house more leaving our doggies at home by themselves. This can be a stressful time for the kids and dogs alike. Splash and Dash for Dogs knows this, and has compiled 5 ways to help alleviate the stress, and set some healthy practices for the school year. These tips help curb disruptive, demanding, and mischievous behavior.

Don’t Overcompensate

For many first time pet owners and parents, there is an urge to overcompensate and go out of the budget. It is natural to feel guilty about leaving the dog alone, especially for an extended amount of time. The thing is, your dog needs to get used to being alone for a reasonable amount of time during the day. Many pet owners overcompensate by hiring dog walkers or a pet-sitter, when it may be easier to come home to walk your dog at lunch. If you establish good routines with your dog, you can save money by enforcing good behavior. Coordinate with the family to see who is available to return home for a short time to feed and walk the dog.

Consider the Dog Crate

When kids are at school, and you are at work, the dog is going to receive less interaction and a great way is to get them to relax in their crate during the day. Dogs prone to destructive behavior when alone could especially benefit from the crate training. According to the American Kennel Society (AKS) an adult dog can relax in a crate for up to five hours at a time, while puppies should only be in for an hour.  If the family can coordinate lunch time walks between crating, this is a perfect way to save the couch from being chewed to death! A dog should be comfortable in their crate with access to water and plenty of toys. Splash and Dash for Dogs also recommends plenty of soft bedding for your pooch to lounge on.

Lace up the Walking Shoes

One of the most important thing Splash and Dash for Dog Groomers can recommend for your dog’s happiness and health is good walk regiments. AKS suggests at least a half hour walk or equivalent exercise time depending on the breed. Get the kids involved! Since the kids will be returning to school it may be a good idea to delegate the morning walking chore to them. This is a great way to teach responsibility while also getting good exercise for your dog. The morning walk is just as important as lunch time and evening walks. Walks exercise your dog and help reduce doggie-anxiety. Adding time or an extra walk for the school year is important to supplement the loss of playtime while the house is empty.

Re-up on Fun Toys

The biggest factor in a dog’s destructive behavior is boredom. Dogs that have gotten used to constant supervision and play while the kids are home for summer need additional entertainment during back to school season. The best toys to provide for your doggie are chewable, food-dispensing, or problem-solving. Chewable toys help with teething puppies. Adult dogs also love them! Indestructible chew toys are the best fit, like Splash and Dash for Dog’s Bionic Bone. Food-dispensing toys or bowls are also convenient when no one is home. Toys or bowls can be timed and measure the perfect portion. For bored dogs that are prone to chewing your favorite dress shoes, there are problem-solving toys that can be stuffed with treats to occupy their mind. Dogs are natural problem solvers and have a great time solving puzzles to receive treats.

Good Structure Equals Good Behavior

Whether you’re adjusting the new puppy, or your senior dog for a back to school schedule, structure is key. Dogs learn through repetition and routine. If you take your dog for a half hour morning walk everyday at 8 a.m. your dog will naturally acclimate to using the bathroom and getting energy out during the walk. This will cut back on stress and curb bad behavior during the day when you’re gone like going inside or chewing furniture. Also, going back to the basics like getting your dog to sit before feeding, petting, and going outside is always helpful. Developing self-control with your dog is important. It reinforces good behavior and develops routine.
Back to school can be a stressful time for everyone. Having a pet that’s acting out is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. If you use these 5 tips and stick to them, this should help make the transition a smooth and healthy process. Picking up good habits is good, but keeping them works. Remember, moderate yourself and your budget when coordinating for your pup, and good planning helps save money. Finding the old crate and returning to good choices for a relaxing space for your dog also helps. Toys and treats will help make the transition a fun thing for your dog, and steady walks always keep them in great shape. Finally, establishing and keeping to the routine will help make your dog happy when the kids go back to school.

Splash and Dash for Dogs: What Cats Do At Night

Cats are can be weird sometimes and Splash and Dash for Dogs knows this. Cats also tend to be nocturnal–sleeping all day and pranking all night. From the YouTube channel Cole and Marmalade, a channel that shows the antics of Tabby and Black cats named of course Cole and Marmalade. Cole is the black cat and Marmalade is the Tabby.

In this video Cole and Marmalade’s owners set up night vision cameras around their house so that viewers can see all the shenanigans these two kitties get into while everyone else is sleeping. Multiple cameras placed in the living room, bedroom, and hallway capture all the cat playtime.

The night vision shows their eyes light up throughout the whole late night escapade. Viewers can watch the cats jump all over the furniture, play-fight with each other, and even paw at the camera. If your cat sleeps all day they might be up at night up to similar antics. If you like this video stay tuned to Splash and Dash for Dogs blog posts, or subscribe to Cole and Marmalade to see more.

Splash and Dash for Dogs: Rescue Video Tugs Heartstrings

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves to bring you stories of survival. Every year thousands of poor animals roam the streets, abandoned, and looking for a home. Non-profits around the world like Howl of a Dog–based out of Romania–do their part to try and rescue these animals before it’s too late. This video from Howl of a Dog’s YouTube channel titled, “Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart,” introduces us to Zuzi.

Zuzi is a mixed breed dog that was living in a company’s parking lot. The poor dog had to endure a cold Romanian winter and was chased by dogcatchers that used a catchpole traumatizing her. Howl of a Dog was notified and decided to intervene before Zuzi ended up in the city pound. It was reported that Zuzi would take scraps from humans, but because of her incident with the dogcatchers was too skittish to be rescued by usual methods. Howl of a Dog contacted a veterinarian for supervision and was able to tranquilize Zuzi so they could transport her to a safe facility. Video footage shows Zuzi after therapy. She is doing much better, but has never gotten used to being led on a walk, and prefers playing in a fenced backyard. Zuzi was adopted and is now living in happily in Canada. This is a story with a happy ending, and Splash and Dash for Dogs urges you to get involved, donate, and show support to your local pet shelter.

Splash and Dash for Dogs: Top 5 Cutest Mixed Breeds

Splash and Dash for Dogs brings you YouTube channel The Top5’s TV’s video, TOP 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breed Mixtures which gives you a breakdown of some of the cutest mix breed doggies. Mix breed dogs are great because they have attributes from both sides of their parent’s DNA, and are of course just a loving as pure breeds. Mixed breeding is kind of like taking the heredity gamble because you never know what you can expect from a litter, but one thing is for sure. All of these doggies are super cute!
Two pedigreed dogs that are mated are called hybrids, while a mix breed puppy’s parents are often not pedigreed. The terms are pretty much interchangeable now because pet owners and breeders use them conversely, but these are the official guidelines of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC).

5. Pitbull Terrier Mixed with Siberian Husky–Pitsky
4. Pug Mixed Bulldog–Bullpug
3. Siberian Husky Mixed with Golden Retriever–Goberian
2. Chow Chow Mixed with Siberian Husky–Chusky
1. Yorkshire Terrier Mixed with Poodle–Yorkie Poo

This Video Helps Me Believe in the World and Warms My Heart…

Splash and Dash for Dog’s loves when we find videos and organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited, India. The organization is donation-based and operates around the cities of Udaipur and Rajasthan. Whenever an animal in distress is spotted, their hotline is called and Animal Aid workers come out to help. This video titled, Dog who was trapped in well for 5 days saved, shows viewers exactly what they do. Villagers outside of Udaipur heard crying coming from a well, but were too afraid to climb down to investigate themselves. At first they were unaware of Animal Aid, but asked around and soon got the hotline. The villagers called, and Animal Aid workers showed up with a crane to hoist the poor little Greyhound out. The dog was trapped for five days before Animal Aid was able to save him. The workers attached a harness to one of the Animal Aid workers and lowered him down into the well so that he could pull the Greyhound out. During the final segments of the video you see the dog running eating and running around happy.This is a truly inspiring video and shows you the little stories of humanity that happen around the world every day.

Have You Ever Wondered What Dog Breeds Made Your Beloved Rescue Dog? You Are Not Alone.

Splash and Dash for Dogs has found a really interesting BuzzFeed video called, Rescue Dogs Get Their DNA Tested. The video shows several different owners taking in their mix-breed rescues and having the doggies’ DNA tested to find out exactly what their parents were. First, they ask the owners what kind of dogs they think make up the genetic of their dog. One of the dogs–Bell–looks just like a Beagle, and that is exactly what her owner says. Later they find out she is actually a Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel mix. Another pet owner with their dog Humphrey, found out his dog was a pure breed American Staffordshire Terrier and not a mix breed at all! Crazy! When you adopt a dog you don’t always know what breeds they have in their blood line and the guessing game is part of the fun. There are dog DNA testing kits available for purchase if you ever want to really know for sure. We at Splash and Dash for Dogs thought this was a really interesting video and we hope you did too!