Funny Pet Spa Prank Between Two Pet Siblings

We’ve all seen these kind of videos. The videos that seem meaningless, until the final seconds when comedic gold is unleashed. This is that kind of video. The first minute or so is just a pet owner filling up the tub–pet spa. Her Pit Terrier and Cat watch as the water line rises. The cat is perched on the tub corner, pawing at the water.

Both animals know it’s bath time, but neither is eager to get into the tub. The Pit watches safely from the floor, every so often jumping onto the tub to check out a motorized rubber ducky swimming across the water’s surface. A few innocuous seconds creep by. Splash and Dash won’t give away the ending for you, but we’re pretty sure you already know.


This isn’t the easiest way to give your dogs a good bath. If you want to give your pet a treat and take them to a day pet spa click here to find locations near you.

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