Gypsy Can’t Get Enough of the Slide

Gypsy The Yorkie Loves the Slide

We at Splash and Dash love seeing the true animal spirit in it’s most honest form. Watching dogs play at the park, or watching the cat chase the laser pointer around the room. We love it. It’s truly a joy to see animals having fun and being free spirits. That’s exactly what this viral video shows. Gypsy a Yorkie from above the border visits the Beausejour Fair in Canada. The little Yorkie found her favorite ride, and can’t get enough. The video uploaded by Bill Jones titled, Yorkie dog has fun on the slide in Canada, just doesn’t quite sum up how special this video is.

Gypsy is completely fearless as she slides down. At the bottom of the slide she even starts running backward to slow herself down, just like an expert fair rider would! After she’s done she runs right back around to ride it again. It makes us at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique want to add a slide to our pet supplies repertoire. Just so we can fly Gypsy down and watch her go down the slide all day. Too cute!

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