6 Fun Tips to Naming Your New Puppy

Whether You Just Brought Home a New Dog From the Rescue, Breeder, or Reputable Pet Store it is Time to Give them A Proper Name

Having a dog is awesome–they are man\’s best friend and they will love you loyally and always be there for you. Introducing your new dog to the house is always an interesting experience. They sniff around–get comfortable. Big transition from the acclaimed breeder, pet store, or dog rescue.

One of the most important parts of training any dog no matter if they\’re a puppy from the pet store, or a senior dog from the dog rescue, you\’re going to need to house train them to your specific house rules. This means naming them.

Combing through pet store name guides is fun, but this article aims and helping you brainstorm fun and clever names for your new pooch.

Old School Cool

Take it back to the 1950\’s, why not even the 1920\’s? Nothing beats personifying old Americana culture like naming your dog after the regal and chivalrous names of past generations. I have always told myself if I got a Bulldog, I would name him Angus.

Female names like Ladybird, for our former president\’s wife\’s name, or Hank\’s dog from the T.V. show \”King of the Hill\” makes a great female name. Who wouldn\’t want to name their girl dog something stoic like Agatha, Ursula, or Frieda. On the other side, if you have a guy dog you could give them a distinguished grandpa name like Eugene, Harvey, or Wilbur.

Strolling through the pet store will never be the same with a dog like Humphrey…Bogart.

Childhood Memories

Forget \”Old Yeller.\” It still makes me cry. Pet stores should ban that movie, or at least make it come with preface. Anyways, childhood memories of great movies about everyone\’s favorite mischievous canine are always a great source of inspiration for naming your dog.

Milo and Otis, My Dog Skip, Beethoven, and of course Lassie, are just a few to name from. Try popping in old VHS tapes of \”All Dogs Go to Heaven,\” for some suggestions. The possibilities are endless with this scheme.

Big fan of the Jungle book? How about Mowgli?

Match the Look

A dog\’s coat can the best way to gauge what their name should be. One of my friends has a Pit Terrier with a Diamond on her back, and she was affectionately named, Diamond. Pet store name guides have tons of varying names to choose from in this category.

If your dog has a white coat you could call them Snow, Snowflake, Powder-puff,  or Ivory. Brown coat? Brownie, Rolo, Chocolate, Coco, of Fawn.

If they have a Leopard pattern name them Kitty, Leopard, or Bengal.

Play around with word association and synonym ideas. If you\’re dog is really muscular, name them Arnold, for Arnold Schwarzenegger, or if you\’re feeling really goofy–Terminator.

Greek and Roman Mythology

We\’re naming planets after them, so why not our dogs right? The pet store naming guides have plenty of these too. One of my favorite Rottweilers I\’ve ever met was named Apollo, and I met a very noble Mastiff at the dog park named Magnus. The world record for largest dog in the world was named Zeus.

Athena or Juno make great ones for a female dog, and you can have the possibility to choose a mythology that matches your lifestyle. Enjoy a nice glass of wine? You could name your dog Dionysus–the goddess of the grape harvest, wine, and merrymaking.

Not a bad idea, right?

Your Favorite Dish

These are a little silly, but let\’s face it, we spend most of the day thinking about what are going to eat for dinner anyways so why not name our dog after some delicious food?

Imagine yourself calling your dog in, yelling, \”Cupcake! Here girl!\” or, \”Pizza! Come here buddy!\” Names are gender neutral so don\’t feel held back by the limits of pet store naming guides.

Just picture your favorite food, and tah-dah! You have your new dog\’s name. “I love you Macaroni, you’re the best dog ever!”

Maybe something like Alfalfa, T-Bone, Bacon Fish, Bagel, Lemon, Biscuit, Kale, or a crowd favorite–Peaches.

Personality Rules

  1. You\’re getting to the last pages of a pet store name guide and everything just seems…generic. Maybe you need to spend a few days with your new dog to get a feel for them before naming them. Some pet parents have the name picked out before they even see the dog, others spend the first week debating names, and even still none of the names seem to match.

Hang out with your dog first.

Maybe you have a Whippet who jumps from the love seat to the couch? Why not Hopppy? Maybe they have a goofy bark and love to show it off–Bowser. (By the way Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique pet store has a guide to help with unwanted barking. Click here).

Is your new dog the lazy type, maybe a little sluggish? Name them Slug, or Snoozy. Maybe your dog\’s just a little cuddle puddle of love, you could always name them after a guy who sang all about love, Bob Marley–Marley for short.

Marley\’s such a great name for dogs they might as well start selling reggae CD\’s at the pet store.

You Picked a Great Name, now What?

Some pet stores and rescues name the dog before you took them home, but don\’t worry this name won\’t stick. Dogs have an uncanny ability to switch names even well into their life. Canine experts believe dogs will begin responding to their name after a few days. Puppies too senior dogs, they will eventually learn who they are, and how much they\’re loved.

The best way to teach a dog their new name is to use constant repetition. If your Golden Retriever goes outside for the first time, use a friendly voice to reinforce their name, and the good behavior. \”Good Goldie! Good potty!\”

Sometimes dog\’s ignore their names when they associate it with negative connotations. If your dog is prone to chewing and you scold your dog with their name after finding the evidence, \”Bad Goldie! No!\” They may think the name only refers to negativity.

When you are first house training your dog use positive mental links with their name. Say their name and give them a treat or pet them. Keep at it! They\’ll know their name in time.

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