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Check Out These Pawesome Pet Blogs!

You know a dog person when you see them. The ones who immediately hit the ground petting a puppy the moment a ‘fur-baby’ enters a room. Maybe they have a bumper sticker that reads, \”Proud Dog Mom!\” and their dog has the most photogenic pose in the holiday photo. Or, they read pet blogs religiously and have the answer to all those burning questions about why our dogs acts so goofy. What\’s great about reading pet blogs is you can stay up-to-date on the all the happenings in the pet community. You can get fun tips on how to make pet treats, know the most current health & safety information, and of course check out all the pictures of the adorable fluffy faces out there!

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, it\’s our job to have our ears to the ground when it comes to dogs. We love to bring you the most relevant ways to keep your dog healthy, happy, and looking their best! This is why we decided to clue readers into a few great pet blogs making waves in the pet world. Blogs like these can even inform you on serious issues like dog food recalls. They\’re packed full of great information! Pet blogs have diverse subjects ranging from traveling with your dog to answering the hottest questions on doggie fashion.

Keep reading to find out more about our favorite pet blogs!  

Puppy Leaks

Because of the obvious reference, the moniker Puppy Leaks is a hilarious name for a pet blog just to begin with. The founder of Puppy Leaks—Jen Gabbard—writes as a pet owner herself. Jen credits Laika, her Shepherd mix, as the inspiration behind starting the pet blog. Jen tells readers that Laika changed her life. Laika wasn\’t like any other dog she ever owned before. Laika was a \”resource guarder, had some issues with reactivity, and lacked confidence.\” As Jen learned more about pet behavior and how to provide the best possible guardianship for Laika she decided to share what she learned. Thus, Puppy Leaks entered the world of pet blogs and has been an enriching source of amazing information ever since. Topics span categories like health, studies, opinion pieces, and our favorite, \’why do dogs…\” Ever wondered why your dog drinks from the toilet as if it was a soda fountain? Read Puppy Leaks and find out!

The Conscious Cat

At Splash and Dash, we\’re lovers of all animals but our main focus is typically dogs. This is why we started reading the Conscious Cat! We wanted to stay in-the-know on the other four-legged furry children—the cats! The primary focus of Ingrid King—founder of Conscious Cat—is illuminating readers on \”conscious living, health, and happiness of cat and their humans.\” Ingrid views her cats as teachers. The first cat to help educate her was a cat named Amber who inspired Mrs. King to start writing Amber\’s Mewsings before passing away in 2010. Since then, two other cats have joined Ingrid\’s family of pet blogging—Allegra and Ruby. The Conscious Cat has won a series of awards for its helpful information and Ingrid King is also a published author with tons of publications in the pet community. Her most famous work is a memoir of how her cat Buckley enriched her life. The memoir fittingly titled, \”Buckley\’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher. Ingrid\’s style of writing is humbling and shows cat owners how amazing it can be to share your life with a cat.

Oh My Dog Blog

Although you wouldn\’t get this from the title, the Oh My Dog Blog posts articles for dogs and cat obsessions. The blog is almost two pet blogs in one. One being Oh My Dog Blog and the other Holy Cat! Written by Maggie, a pet lifestyle pro based out of Indiana, the pet blog shows cute little glimpses into Maggie and her family\’s life. Articles and pictures tell their story with her pets at the forefront!  In sync with values of other pet blogs, the Oh My Dog Blog aligns with core values like compassion, service, passion, community, and eco-consciousness. Article topics range from Maggie\’s random thoughts, pet health, and even articles describing play time between her kids and pets. Maggie\’s writing takes an honest look at being a mom to not only human children but her doggie and kitty children too.  Her posts are relatable to anyone who owns a dog or cat. Some articles are informative while others share her interests and opinions, but all Maggie\’s posts offer a personal glance at family life.

Take Paws: Go Pet-Friendly

OK so, Go Pet-Friendly is a really useful website that helps pet parents find pet-friendly vacation spots. The websites publish a blog called Take Paws, which is primarily written by Amy and Rod Burkert—a couple with two dogs named Ty and Buster. Ty is a wrinkly-faced Shar-Pei while Buster is a smiling German Shepherd. The story goes, the family would spend hours researching vacation destinations where they could bring their two dogs. After fruitless searching, the couple decided to launch their own website. The rest is history and the Blog now has hundreds of articles for anyone on the road traveling with their pup. What we like about the blog is that the couple opened up their platform for other pet parents to write about their favorite vacation spots. If you hate leaving your dog at the kennel while you hit the road, don\’t pause at Take Paws!

Adventure Cats

With a slogan like, \”Living Nine Lives to the Fullest,\” you know Adventure Cats is packed full of awesome cat-ology! The Adventure Cats Staff are a collective of cat lovers who deliver blog posts, Instagram pictures, and videos on everything feline. Think your cat can’t be trained to ride a skateboard? Read this pet blog and think again. Adventure Cats focuses on pet parents who love traveling and living an adventurous lifestyle and want to find ways to include their cats. Our favorite section of this pet blog is, Cat Tales. These posts share the stories of intrepid cat owners who take their cats for hikes up mountains, or canoe trips downriver, even circum-CAT-igating a sailing adventure! Cat owners with itchy feet for the road will love this one!

More Notable Pet Blogs

With so many incredible animals, it\’s hard to include all the awesome pet blogs for people who might have a rabbit, turtle, or even a goat. Check out these pet blogs for other cool postings on all things pets!

Pet Blogs:

  • Goats of Anarchy
  • It\’s Dog or Nothing
  • Rancho Relaxo
  • Golden Woofs
  • Trained Parrot
  • Montecristo Travels
  • Snake Buddies
  • The Jet Set Pets
  • Sarah\’s Bearded Dragon Rescue
  • A Gift Horse

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