Funniest Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Howl-O-Ween is a barkin\’ good time for the whole family—four-legged kids too! We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique love the holidays like Halloween. The candy-filled festivities are a great way to spend some time with your pooch and get them dressed up in some hilarious costumes. Whether you’re just posting pictures of your dog on Facebook or have them dressed up ready to trick-or-treat, Halloween costumes for dogs brings a whole \’nother level of fun to the spooky celebration!

Buying Halloween Costumes at the Pet Store

The Lion Mane

This is one of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique\’s favorites! It\’s super cute and dogs won\’t have a hard time wearing the mane around their neck. The Lion Mane comes in two colors—golden brown or black—with optional matching ears and tail. The mane fits size neck 13\”-32\” and is made with polyester. This costume will bring out the king of the jungle in your fierce Golden Retriever.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This dog pirate costume fits on your dog\’s forelegs and head, is machine-wash safe, and comes in three sizes to fit most medium-sized doggie swashbucklers. The pirate costume also comes with a matching hat with an elastic strap which gently secures to your pup\’s head.


There are tons of Despicable Me costumes available at Halloween stores, pet stores, and Amazon. Our favorite is Rubies Costume Company Minion Bob. Your dog’s floppy ears come through holes in the costume making it look like they\’re Minion Bob\’s ears. Hilarious! The costume is available in five sizes with a measurement chart provided.

Super Good Girl

Another from Rubies Costumes is the Super Good girl, complete with a headpiece and super dress. The costume is available in four sizes, ranging in sizes to fit various dog breeds from Yorkshire Terrier (Small) to a Springer Spaniel ( X-Large).

DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Big Bad Woof

With a little sewing and some creativity, you can take an old nightgown and turn it into this year\’s greatest Halloween costume for dogs! To really make this costume believable, you can use fake glasses and sew together wolf ears made with faux fur and gauge wire.

Chia Pet

A cute and hilarious costume for your pooch could be a chia pet. Take aquarium plants and attach them to a green felt horse blanket. You can attach the foliage by pushing the prongs through a grid system of holes cut into the felt with an x-acto knife.

E.T. Extra-Terrestrial

With a milk crate, a white towel, and safety pin you can turn your Pug into everyone\’s favorite scene from E.T. Simply wrap the white towel around your dog and secure gently with a safety pin. Place them in the milk crate and voila, a great Halloween costume.

More Pawesme Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Finding the perfect costume for your dog takes a little bit of brainstorming. You might want to find a costume that matches your dog\’s quirky personality. If your dog is a \”lounger\” and spends most of their time snoring on the couch, dress them up like the energizer bunny. Maybe you have a Chihuahua with a bad-to-the-bone attitude and thinks he\’s a tough guy? Dress him up with a Harley Davidson bandanna over his back with a spiky black collar.

Does your Shar-Pei have that philosophical look in her eye? Dress her up like a stoic Roman Greek philosopher. Take some drapery and wrap it around her like a toga with a purple sash safety pinned to the toga. Your darling little Shar Pei will look like Aristotle in no time! Sports are another good place to begin to find ideas for Halloween costumes for dogs. The Dodgers are in the World Series. Maybe it\’s time to dress up your pup as \”Dog-dger\” complete with a Clayton Kershaw uniform. You can do this with any team! Dogs also look amazing dressed as the umpire or can even wear a costume dressed as the ball itself. You can even have your dog groomer apply pet paint for a costume. This is sure to get some appaws while you and your dog go trick-or-treating.

More Halloween Costumes for Dogs:

  • BatDog
  • CornDog
  • Great White Bark
  • Yo-Dog (Yoda)
  • Beggin’ Bacon
  • Princess
  • Dog-Tini
  • Bark-O-Saurus-Rex
  • Baked Pugtatoe
  • Kissing Booth

Paws & Reflect: Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

Before you dress your dog up for any occasion, make sure they\’re comfortable. You know your dog best. What is their temperament like? What makes them go crazy and what puts them at ease? If your pup doesn\’t like unfamiliar experiences and gets anxious, you might want to think of other ways to celebrate the holiday with him. ( dog treats are always welcomed by doggos). If your dog doesn\’t mind getting into costumes, then go for it! Dogs have become accustomed to the silliness of humans for thousands of years. The only thing your dog loves more than treats is you. So if your dog can handle some extra layers, then sure, adopt the king of rock n\’ Roll into your Halloween costumes for dogs—\”Elvis Pugsley.\”

Safety Tips:

  • Measure First. Loose clothes can trip your dog while clothes that are too tight will be uncomfortable and possibly suffocating.
  • Materials. Wool, silk, and flannel will be warm, good for cold climates. If you\’re further south, make sure your dog doesn\’t overheat. Also, if your pup is prone to chewing, make sure any materials your costume is made from are pet-friendly and 100% non-toxic.
  • No Pants! Dogs walk on all four legs. Putting pants on them will inhibit their natural way of walking. It\’s also not going to be fun when they need to go to the bathroom.
  • Watch for Signs. If your dog looks uneasy, then go ahead and take the costume off. Some dogs might only be willing to be dressed for a few seconds to take a picture before they\’ll try and wrestle out of the clothes.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wishes you a happy Halloween!


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