6 Steps to Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

As the Atlantic hurricane season swells into the fall, and the Midwest tornado season gives way to blizzards, it is important to update on emergencies that could take place year round. The Department of Homeland Security has named September National Preparedness Month (NPM), and Splash and Dash for Dogs has decided to update pet owners on old and new ways of keeping our loved ones (pets are family too!) safe in the event of a natural disaster. Families need to figure out evacuation, supplies, and planning. This article will show you how to do just that.


GPS Location for Your Pets

Smartphones are great. Pets are great. With emergencies in mind it only makes sense to take advantage of the different GPS locators for pets. Destruction of natural disasters is a loud and terrifying experience for pets. Splash and Dash for Dogs recommends staying by your dog’s side if a natural disaster were to happen.  Dogs may run for fear or be abnormally hard to handle during an emergency situation, so a good back-up plan for finding your pet is Pod Tracker. Pod Tracker is safe and not only shows the location of your pet, but can also monitor the activity your pet is undergoing. Pod also lets you set up a “Safe Zone” that allows you to set up a perimeter for your pet, and if they pass the perimeter, you will be immediately notified. GPS locators are usually attached to the collar and there are a variety of choices to pick from ranging in features and price.


Rescue Alert Stickers

If the catastrophic were to ever happen to your home rescue workers are the first in to help humans and animals alike to safety. Rescue alert stickers are placed in a visible place on the door or entranceway to a home. The stickers inform rescue workers on the types and number of pets you have inside. If you have already removed the pet from the home beforehand, you can write EVACUATED on the sticker to let rescue workers know everyone from the house is safe, including grumpy kitty. The ASPCA and most franchise pet stores have these alert stickers for sale.


Disaster Applications for Your Phone

The key to surviving natural disasters is planning. One of the best ways to plan is to know beforehand. When nature takes a turn for the worst like unpredictable earthquakes or a sudden tornado forming the minutes count. A good way to find out before it’s too late is to download a disaster mobile app on your smartphone. Splash and Dash for Dogs supports nonprofits like American Red Cross and ASPCA who both have free apps that provide step-by-step advice before and after emergency situations, even without data connectivity. The ASPCA app also lets users manage and store pet medical information. If the unthinkable were to happen and your animal is lost the users can create a digital flyer. The flyer can be shared easily through social media making way less of a headache to find your lost loved one. Apps offer faster and more efficient updates than the news or radio especially when the power goes out.


\"dogonfloat\"Pet-Specific First Aid Kits

Along with having supplies for the family, it is important to pack for Fido too. Having medical first-aid kits both for humans and animals is essential. If you decide not to evacuate, and damage occurs to your home, glass and other dangerous debris could be littering the streets where our dogs walk. Splash and Dash for Dogs  offers a first aid kit that has everything pet owners would need from Antiseptic povidone-iodine prep pads too a collapsible water bowl. Other contents include gauze, thermal emergency blanket, emergency ID collar, and a leash. Having a good first aid kit could turn what would have been a very worrying injury into a wound you have all the resources to clean and treat. And, even if it only rains, you’ll have extra pet waste bags.


Know Your Exit Strategy

When disaster strikes you need to know evacuation routes, local shelters, pet-friendly hotels, and a communication system of pick-up. Make sure you have a mobile crate in your car just you case the family needs to make a hasty getaway. If you are planning on using a city shelter, be sure to call ahead to make sure they can accommodate your pets, and if not, find hotels that will. If you leave the house, have a plan for a trusted friend to pick up your pet and meet you in a specified location. When telephone towers are knocked down, and electricity goes out, you’ll be glad you made all the extra planning.


Stock Up On Supplies

Extra provisions like flashlights, batteries, food (for humans and doggies), water, clothes, gas, and everything else your pet needs on a daily basis like leashes, dog bowls, and waste bags should always be stored in easily accessible place for the home. When you stock your car plan for quick transportation so less is always more for mobility\’s sake. If you have a small animal you may want to buy a carrier case to help transport your pet and keep them nice and dry. Also the Splash and Dash for Dog’s first aid kit is an incredibly helpful item to add to your supply list.

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