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8 Dogs Who Don\’t Want to Share Their Dog Food

Dogs are known for their amazing personalities. Just as they can be sweet and endearing, there are some dogs who simply do not want to share. This may be with dog food, a favorite toy or something else. Here are the best videos we have found of these dogs.


Yorkie Refuses to Share with Cat

These happen to be the pets of Splash and Dash founder and CEO Dan J. Barton. Mercedes the Yorkie is seen here eating food off a plate. When Moxy the cat tries to share in the food, hilarity ensues.


This video even sparked this adorable dog shaming picture:



The Ice Cream Hog

In this dog’s defense, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Maybe he was hot and in need of something cold and creamy. Either way it is adorable the way he gobbles up this ice cream cone in one bite.


A Pug on a Rug

Not all dogs are possessive when it comes to dog food. This pug for instance has a square of carpet that must be his best friend. Not even people can touch it without him taking offense.


The Tiny Terrorizer

This video shows that size doesn’t determine whether you want to share or not. This puppy is only a fraction of the size of the other dog, yet the way he defends his dog food scares the bigger one!


Pug Won’t Share With the Baby

In all fairness, this pug is very well behaved with the baby. However, when the baby goes for the pug, things get silly. Maybe he doesn’t like to share or maybe he simply doesn’t think the little tyke can properly gum the cookie. Either way it is a cuteness overload.


Brave Dog Defends His Water Bowl

On one hand, we have to hand it to this dog for having the guts to stand up to a tiger, especially a baby tiger whose paws are about the size of the dogs head. On the other hand, the poor tiger cub just wants a little water and tries to get creative.


Dog with a Bone

This is a tale as old as time. Everyone knows that dogs love bones which is probably why this dog has no desire to share. It sounds like this dog is trying to tell him to get lost while defending his bone from his pet parents.


The Happy Ending

This video starts off with a dog that will not share its huge dog chew. He even jumps up next to the other dog to flaunt it in his face. At the end of the video the other dog has a piece of the chew. Whether the dog decided to share or the pet parents made him share is unknown, but yay for sharing!

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