Dog is Hilariously Bad at Guessing The Cup the Treat Is In

Splash and Dash for Dogs gives you Lexi, the cutest and most confused, boxer in the world. The video, Good thing she\’s pretty, was posted by YouTube user Lexie C. Lexie’s owner is giving her the old cup in the treat test with three different color cups. One blue. One pink. One orange. Her owner shows Lexie the treat and she gets really excited. The cups are placed upside down, and her owner pretends as if she puts the treat in each cup, but it is really placed in last cup, the orange one. Lexie is given the verbal cue to go for it, and she starts with the first blue cup which it obviously is not in. Lexi sniffs around and knocks over the second cup, but keeps sniffing without realizing it’s in the last cup. Haha! Just when it starts to get painful, Lexie finally finds her treat in third orange cup. This video was cute and the cuteness cringe finally goes away when Lexie gets the treat she deserves!

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