Be Mine! V-Day Gifts From Your Local Pet Store

While Valentine’s Day was traditionally a day for lovers only, it’s shifted for today’s society. More often than ever, Valentine ’s Day is being used to not only show lovers appreciation, but to show friends appreciation and who has been a better or more loyal friend all year than your pet? Whether you have a date with a partner this February 14th or are spending it alone, think about making a trip to the pet store and picking up something special for your pet.


\"dog_groomers\"Pet Snuggies

February is a cool month. While winter is ending, why not show your pet some love by picking up a Snuggie at the pet store. Pet Snuggies have sleeves, much like sweaters, enabling them to run and play while still staying warm. They’re a four-legged blanket, covering them much better than any pet sweater, but far less fashionable and far more cozy. What better way to spend Valentine ’s Day than snuggled up, you and your pet in your respective Snuggies, watching Homeward Bound.


Dapper Doggie Clothing

Whether you purchase it from a pet store or a specialized boutique, many dogs love the idea of being dressed up. You can find custom designed dresses or suits, ties, and even top hats. Outfits exist in every size and color you can imagine and if they don’t exist, there is a designer out there who is waiting to make your pet’s next fashion statement.


Anything Catnip

If you have a cat, you know the second you bring catnip home from the pet store, they are all over you. There is something about catnip that drives them crazy. You can find catnip in the form of not only plants, but toys, pillows and treats. Spoil your cat with a toy ball full of catnip, a moving mouse toy, or a new favorite pillow that they’ll never let out of their site.


F\"49272bc9b5b1db33fa61de71cecc8b3d\"reshly Baked Pet Treats From the Pet Store

Usually made found in a specialty pet store, you can purchase cakes or cupcakes. Some store even make ice cream for dogs. While you enjoy your favorite Ben and Jerry’s, why not spoil Rover with a spoonful of beef and vanilla puppy ice cream?


Smart Toys

Pets love a mental workout. Next time you’re at the pet store, think about getting a toy that will make them flex their brain muscle. There are multi-chambered smart toys, hide the treat toys, or balls that you fill with something yummy and they have to figure it out. While it might not seem like a lot of fun to you (or not really all that hard), it’s as hard for a pet as Sudoku is for you. Most pets love a good challenge.


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