Cat Plays Dead Fooling the Dog

Cat Plays Dead and Fools the Dog


Watching our pets can be better than the old school slapstick cartoons of the 1990s. Dog chases cat. Cat tricks dog. Owner comes home and cleans up the mess the pet-children made while owner was at work. Classic. This scenario is acted out on camera in today’s viral video, Oh my God! He’s Dead! The video  uploaded abroad via YouTube by user ignoramusky shows the “dog chase cat” dynamic in the funniest way.

The video begins with a dog and cat seemingly in the middle of an epic chase. The cat is lying on the ground in the fetal position. Ominous music is playing in the background for comic effect. Too funny. The dog is totally tricked into believing that the cat is dead. He sniffs at the cat and looks sad to have lost his buddy. Subtitles show the inner thoughts of the dog that are clear in his facial expressions.

All of a sudden the cat stirs, and the trick’s up. There is a second where the animals look into each other’s eyes. You can almost feel the dog realizing he’s tricked. The cat is out of the bag. (Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves). The chase is on! The cat and dog proceed to chase each other around the yard for the rest of the video.

This is a too familiar scenario for pet owners with both cats and dogs in the house. Or even dogs and dogs, or even cats and cats. Hey, animals chase each other. That’s mother nature, and we at Splash and Dash for Dog’s love every second of it.


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Gypsy Can’t Get Enough of the Slide

Gypsy The Yorkie Loves the Slide

We at Splash and Dash love seeing the true animal spirit in it’s most honest form. Watching dogs play at the park, or watching the cat chase the laser pointer around the room. We love it. It’s truly a joy to see animals having fun and being free spirits. That’s exactly what this viral video shows. Gypsy a Yorkie from above the border visits the Beausejour Fair in Canada. The little Yorkie found her favorite ride, and can’t get enough. The video uploaded by Bill Jones titled, Yorkie dog has fun on the slide in Canada, just doesn’t quite sum up how special this video is.

Gypsy is completely fearless as she slides down. At the bottom of the slide she even starts running backward to slow herself down, just like an expert fair rider would! After she’s done she runs right back around to ride it again. It makes us at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique want to add a slide to our pet supplies repertoire. Just so we can fly Gypsy down and watch her go down the slide all day. Too cute!

5 Tips to Control Barking

Pet Care to Control the Noise

Are you tired of your dog barking, growling, or howling whenever guests come over? When the mail-person, or neighbors walk too closely to the yard, does this set off a barking marathon? Dogs are instinctively territorial. Their barking is a sign of alerting the pack that a possible predator may be near. Barking is the alarm. Some dog owners don’t necessarily need a guard dog to watch the house. This article outlines 5 tips of how to curb the noisy barking with proper pet care.

Plenty of Exercise

Barking is a sign your dog is bored. Dogs are intelligent animals and need plenty of exercise, mentally and physically. Dogs that wait by the window for someone to come by, only to bark incessantly are usually just bored. Territorial dogs like Bull Mastiffs, Beagles, and Golden Retrievers are more prone to barking. But all all dog breeds bark.

One of the first ways to calm your dog and yourself down is to go for a healthy walk. Breed determines how long you will need to walk your dog daily. Dogs like Dachshunds and Siberian Huskies will need 60 minutes of daily walking time. Smaller dogs like a Bichon Frise or Pomeranian will need only a 20 minute walk for proper pet care.

Once a dog is properly exercised, they will be less prone to barking. Always seek out veterinary advice when determining the length time of a walk. Your dog’s behavior is another way owners know when your dog has exercised enough for the day. After a walk, your dog should drink plenty of water and lay down to rest. Walking is an essential part of pet care.

Pet Care: Removing Temptation

Dogs hovering by the windows at barking at people on the street is nonconstructive behavior. Owners can try closing the curtains to obstruct the view. Sometimes even making furniture decisions is part of pet care. Rearranging furniture will also help impede your dog’s view of the street. You can also think about installing a fence or shrubs. This will help block the line of sight for your dog. What a doggie can’t see, they won’t bark at. S

Owners may also consider using a dog therapy music as part of their pet care. Dog therapy music plays specific rhythm based music that helps calm dogs down. Dogs hear higher pitches than humans. The therapy music is designed to play pitches and rhythms that appeal to dog’s ears. Barking could be a byproduct of owner separation anxiety. When you leave for work, play a playlist at a low volume that will help ease your dog’s stress. Pet care dog trainers also suggests using a white noise machine, a fan, or even turning the T.V. on. This noise helps stimulates your dog and keeps them calm to reduce barking.

Ignore the Bad Behavior

Many owners first impulse to stop barking is to pick their dogs up, or play with them. The aim is to try and distract their dogs from barking. This reinforces the wrong kind of behavior. Don’t pick them up.  Instead of petting them, or giving your dog attention when they bark, ignore the barking. A dog correlates appropriate behavior with the amount of attention you give them. Sometimes ignoring a dog is better pet care than inadvertently reinforcing bad behavior with praise.

Another mistake owners make is to coarsely hush their dog. Or vocalize misused quiet commands. If your dog does not know the command ‘quiet,’ yelling at them will not help. Your dog cannot correlate your words with their behavior. Hushing them may stop barking, but this will not work in the long term.

When your dog is barking, do not face them until they are quiet. Once your dog settles down, pet them and give them treats. This positive reinforcement helps build structure. Your dog will learn that barking will not get them attention, petting, or treats. But when they stop barking, they will get the treats and attention they deserve. This part of training is best taught during  puppy years. When you first introduce your puppy to the household is the time to begin training. But pet care and dog training can happen at all cycles of life if owners work hard. Stay consistent, stay calm, and be loving!


Channel Focus Elsewhere

Find out what is making your dog bark. In most cases it is because they see guests approaching, or neighbors walking by the house. Seeing another dog walking may also trigger them to start barking. Owners can close the blinds to block their view of the street. But this doesn’t address the underlying problem. What happens when you have guests over, and your dog goes berserk?

The key is focusing dog’s attention away from what is triggering them to bark. A good training method is to get your dog to return to their crate, or ‘go to their place.’ This is called incompatible behavior training. Use treats and a lot of positive praise to reinforce good behavior. Owners can use whatever phrasing or word they want as a prompt. These words are interchangeable. Stick to a specific word so you don’t confuse them.

First you will want to teach your dog to ‘go to their place.’ Use a reference place like a rug or their crate. Take treats in your hand to get your dog’s attention. Give the voice command. Then walk with your dog back to the intended spot. When your dog is calm, and in place, give positive reinforcement. This will take baby steps. But soon your dog will associate the treats and praise with the voice command. Hand gestures and pointing can also help to get your dog to learn ‘go to their place.’

Once your dog has mastered the training, have a friend help you with training. Your friend should be someone who your dog is not acquainted with. Have your friend walk by the house, come to the door, and enter the house. Ignore any barking. Assertively give the voice command ‘go to your place.’ Once they are in position and calm, reward them. Getting a dog trained take lots of love, patience, and treats, but it will be worth it to calm the barking down.

Teaching the Quiet Command

Dog trainers suggest teaching the ‘speak’ command before the ‘quiet’ command. This may seem illogical at first, but for dogs it is actually more intuitive. Owners can use whichever vocalization they choose, but the effect will be the same. Train them in a calm environment with no distractions.

First, get them to start barking with the voice command, ‘speak.’ This is the easy one. Whenever the dog barks, vocalize the command and praise them. Once they associate the command with the action, you can move on to the harder part–‘quiet.’

Instruct your dog to ‘speak.’ Then reward them. Then give them the command ‘quiet,’ and when the barking stops reward them. Repeat this process until your dog can discern between the two commands.

Like all training it will take patience. If your dog is too distracted, or not calm, it will be harder to train. Make sure all the variables are set for a good training space.

Puppies and Approaches

Dog owners understand that puppies are huge responsibility. The first few months of having a puppy in the home are important, and if a puppy is barking this is natural. Puppies and adult dogs bark to announce danger, protect territory, and display emotions. While puppy training will probably be the easiest method, you can still teach an old dog new tricks. Just remember dogs will not respond to frustration or harshness. Calm and direct training is necessary to get your dog to calm down, and stop all the barking. It may take all 5 tips to get your dog to relax, but it will be worth it. You will have a healthy, happy, and a quieter doggie.

Rescue Otter Plays with Lions and Hyenas

Moses a Rescue Otter Lives in South African Preserve Park

This video takes us to the plains of Africa where a special little Otter lives. His name is Moses and he is living at Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela South Africa. Moses was rescued by Annel Snyman, an employee at the park. When Annel found Moses he weighed less than a pound. The poor guy was no bigger than a human hand. Moses was abandoned by his Otter parents for unknown reasons. He was taken to the park as a rescue to be rehabilitated and one day return to the wild.

During Moses’s childhood he was bottle fed formula. The otter pup also didn’t know how to swim. In the wild, the sow–the mother otter–is the one that teaches pups to swim, not instinct. This never happened for Moses, so park employees like Annel had to take him to a pool everyday to learn. Annel started by letting Moses wade in the shallows by the pool and with a little work everyday he eventually learned to swim at the dam.

Moses is a remarkable animal. The otter doesn’t see himself as an otter and fearlessly plays with the big cats at the park. The video shows him wrestling with a hyena, like it’s no big deal. There is even a section of this video where Moses runs up to Annel and hugs her as if he’s a pet. Otters are not pets, and Mosses is a wild animal rescue, but this is pet care at it’s finest.


Vet Ranch with an Amazing Ending

Vet Ranch Video Show Dog Being Saved with Amazing Ending

Warning: Video Contains Graphical Surgical Footage

The ASPCA states 3.9 million stray animals enter shelters every year. This number is heartbreaking to us at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, but videos like this give us hope.

We love sharing these videos. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique want to help bring awareness to the staggering amount of rescues out there. The aim is for viewers to watch so more dogs can find loving homes.

Our Most Dramatic Ending Ever

The video was posted by the Vet Ranch–a nonprofit veterinary clinic that works with Dallas Services. It is titled, Our Most Dramatic Ending Ever!!, and the drama is true, and truly endearing.

The video features Winfrey, who was rescued by Dallas Services. Vet Employees believe Winfrey was hit by a car. The poor dog had multiple puncture wounds around his neck, pelvic area, and mouth. Dallas Services labeled Winfrey dangerous, because he was biting. This is a sign that he was in major pain. Employees and veterinarians were  cautious when handling Winfrey.  They initially had to use a muzzle every time they examined him.

The Vet Ranch sedated and took X-rays of Winfrey.  It turned out he  had multiples fractures in his pelvis and legs. Winfrey also had a dislocation, and arthritis. This told Dr. Karry–Winfrey’s Vet–that he was an older dog. The dog was also not neutered. This makes strays more prone to roam and fight with other dogs.

Winfrey was fitted with an IV drip of pain medication to ease his journey to recovery. Vet Ranch veterinarians reset his fractures, and placed a screw through his pelvis to hold the bones in place. Winfrey was also neutered and received heartworm surgery. This is all part of extensive pet care.

After a few weeks of healing Winfrey’s radiograph showed that the pin holding his pelvic bones in place dislodged. Vets put the poor guy back on the operating table so they could remove the pin.

Without removal, the pin would have caused him more pain. During his healing process, Winfrey was placed on strict exercise restriction.  This ensured he could heal properly.

Winfrey Heals up

Dr. Karry announced that after healing Winfrey was like a brand new dog. He was so sweet and was no longer biting. Winfrey is currently awaiting a loving home, and is running around like the happy dog he was meant to be. This was all so heart-warming, but what happens next is really special!


Siberian Husky Puppy Laika Gets a Bath

Siberian Husky Puppy Laika Gets a Bath

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are huge fans of Mishka, The Talking Husky. She is one of a kind and is internet sensation for her vocal abilities. Mishka can say full sentences in English, and we at Splash and Dash pet spa have watched her for years.

Click the link to see her first ever video where she says hello. A few years ago the family that owns Mishka adopted a beautiful little puppy named Laika. She is also a Siberian Husky. This viral video hits home for us because it’s Laika getting one of her first baths. The video was posted through by the YouTube channel laikathehusky (both Huskies have their own account), and the video is titled accordingly, Laika the Puppy gets a bath!

Watching the video you can hear her owner talking. “You’re not allowed to be up here, and she proceeded to run into the bathroom. So it seems obvious to me you want a bath.” Apparently Laika ran upstairs where she’s not allowed to be, then hid in the bathroom. Her owner lovingly decided to give her a bath. Her owner laughs and says, “Maybe this will teach her twice before running upstairs.” Laika is a great puppy and this a fun video that shows the pet spa view of these doggies’ celebrity. We hope you enjoy and check out more of these two sisters videos!

What Your Dog’s Age Actually Means

What Your Dog’s Age Actually Means

It’s a common mistake. Everyone believes that you can find out your dog’s age with the ratio one human year to seven dog years. This is just not accurate. The ratio probably started by dividing the average lifespans together. It is important to note for proper pet care to know that these are all just estimates. Your dog’s age is circumstantial.

The earliest date of humans trying to figure out dog age was in 1268. An inscription at Westminster Abbey states that the dog aging ratio was one human year to every nine dog years. But really, it all depends on the size and breed.

Pet Care for Puppy Teeth

The fastest rate of growth happens in the first two years of life. By eight weeks puppies will have grown all their puppy teeth. Within the next five months they will start to loose these and their adult teeth will come in. This the reason for all the chewing. By the time your doggie reaches six months they will have their adult chompers.

Sophomore Year

In their second year dogs will continue aging at the same rate as they were puppies. During this year all breeds age about nine human years. This is the fastest rate of aging a dog will experience in their life. At two-years-old, all dogs are at the equivalent of around the human mid-20s. They will have reached sexual maturity and adulthood. Don’t worry, dogs don’t age at the same rate their whole life. It slows down as they grow older.

Teenage Angst

Smaller breeds grow out of the puppy stage earlier than larger breeds. But larger breeds speed up later in life and reach senior dog age sooner. While your dog is in their teenage years they’re going to need lots of exercise, no matter the breed. The ratio might be wrong, but the saying a ‘tired dog is a good dog’ is pretty darn true.

The Right Side of Forty

After your dog reaches five years of growth, this is when age breed divergent begins. Dog aging is relative and depends a lot on dog care, but estimates are broken like this:

  • Small Breeds (20lbs>) = six human years = 40 dog years
  • Medium Breeds (21-50 lbs) = six human years =  42 dog years
  • Large Breeds (50<) = six human years = 45 dogs years

Pet Care for the Golden Years

Depending upon exact size and breed a large dog at nine human years will be 61-years-old.  It can take smaller breeds 11 years to get to this age. After nine years your dog is considered a senior dog. During this time in your dog’s life it is important to change some lifestyle choices. You may consider changing their diet, exercise schedule, and dog bed to fit the needs of an older and wiser pup. Preventative pet care is the best way to ensure your dog’s golden years are healthy and and happy.


Choices to Make About the Numbers

The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) breed can live well over 20-years-old in human years. They are the longest living dog breed. The world record is an ACD named Bluey. Bluey lived to chase cars and bark at the postman in Australia until he was 29-years-old. Bless you Bluey!

The key to getting your dog to get the most of their life is pet care. Healthy food, regular veterinarian visits, and plenty of exercise will keep them sound in mind and health. We love our dogs. They are one of the family. We want them to have a long and healthy life!

To find out your dog’s relative age, there age generators available online. Owners can plug in size and breed of their dog for an accurate estimate of their dog’s human age.


Bulldog Hates the Bath

This Bulldog Hates Taking Baths

Every pet owner knows the feeling. Every pet knows the word. Bath! For most pets it’s the worst word that can be uttered. They come running when you say other words. Walk. Dinner. Treat. But our pets usually end up running away when we say the B-A-T-H–word. Pet owners around the world share this common and hilarious sentiment.

We all know the struggle of trying to get our dogs in the tub, in the yard, or in the sink for a proper bath. This viral video shows that struggle. The video uploaded by YouTube channel DailyPicksandFlicks who post some really funny stuff. They appropriately titled this 14 second masterpiece, Dog Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath. We here at the pet spa know the feeling.

The pug featured in this video is a cute little guy named Doughnut. It is time for Doughnuts bath, and he is not happy about that. The video shows his owner drag him by the front limbs across the yard to where the evil hose is waiting. Doughnut drags his whole body making it as hard on his owner as he can. An “lol” doesn’t quite cut seeing this one! Watch for yourself and we hope you enjoy!

If you know the feeling, and don’t want to go through this absurd experience, let the professional pet groomers do it for you.

They’ll do it with excellence, and they’ll do it with love.


Hilarious Halloween Prank

Happy Halloween! Do You Have this Owner’s Pet Supplies?

Halloween season is here and we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are excited to kick off the spooky holiday with some funny viral videos. This video was posted by the YouTube channel PRNK. It is titled, Owner Pranks Dog With Halloween Candy Bowl. This is exactly what happened. This poor Yorkie’s owner thought it would be funny to replace the dog bowl with an automated candy bowl. The kind of bowl designed to ward off trick-or-treaters.


Check Out the Prank

We’ve all seen them when trick-or-reating. The kids that take the whole bowl instead of just one candy. No fun! Candy bowls like this have a motion activator. The bowl scares trick-or-treaters as they reach into the candy bowl.  This method may or may not work. We don’t know, we just groom dogs.Watch as the Yorkie goes to take a bite of her food, and the automated puppet comes down.

Don’t worry! This doggie is anything but scared. He fearlessly barks at the puppet. It’s as if she’s saying “What the heck, this is my food! What even are you!?” to the spooky puppet. The dog doesn’t back off and keeps barking to defend his right to eat out of HIS bowl. Good for you little Yorkie. This bowl is not a traditional part of any household’s pet supplies, but we think it’s pretty entertaining. We cheered the Yorkie on the whole way through!

Funny Compilation Videos of Pets Getting Bathed

The YouTube channel, The Pet Collective is one of Splash and Dash’s favorites when it comes to posting hilarious videos. We perused through all the top 2016 compilations and found one that is especially endearing to us. This video features animals going through all kind of wacky pet spa scenarios while they are getting a bath. Or, their ones doing the bathing. Since the video titled– Crazy Spa Pets || Compilation–is indeed a long compilation. Splash and Dash has broken down our favorites for you.


Favorite #1

The first video begins at 0:09 and shows a cat being bathed. The cat does not look happy. The groomer is coaxing the cat asking her, “No More?” The cat meows back, “No More,” in almost perfect meow-lish. You can actually hear her say the words. Hilarious!

Favorite #2

Our second favorite is actually right after the cat clip and begins right at 0:17. The video is a clip of Pomeranian at the pet spa. He’s getting a haircut and is all smiles. You can tell he knows he looks good by the way he doggie-winks at the camera.

Favorite #3

This last one is a face we recognize all too well. The video is a poodle lying on his back in the shower with his belly up. The look on his face is one of pure bliss. His owner works tirelessly to pamper the pooch, and the poodle’s reaction is priceless, extravagance. The video begins at 1:41.


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