5 DIY Cat Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

Cat Hacks They Won’t Teach you at The Pet Shop

Cats can be weirdos sometimes, but they’re always part of the family. This viral video is brought to us by BuzzFeedVideo and is titled 5 Purrrfect Hacks Every Cat Owner Should Know. The video breaks down five simple DIY hacks pretty much anyone can make cheap and easy. The best thing is you don’t even have to visit a pet shop.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has broken down each of the projects into simple directions for all the cat owners to follow out there.

Hack 1 Make a Puzzle Toy


You will need tupper ware, a knife, and some old cat toys. Cut three holes in the lid of the tupperware. Round off each hole with a torch lighter so they are not sharp. This ensures your cat doesn’t injure himself when playing. Then, simply place the cat’s toys in the tupperware with the lid on.

Hack 2 Minimalist Scratch Toy


You will need a wood frame, a durable carpet sample, and mounting tape. Place four strips of tape against the wooden frame and tape the carpet sample against it. Place the frame against the wall and boom–scratch post.

Hack 3 Portable Box Bed


This one is even easier than the last. Just take a cat-sized box and a comfy piece of cloth and add the two. The video doesn’t mention this but, you can even put one your old shirts in the box. Your kitty might be more drawn to it because the smell will make them comfortable.

Hack 4 No More Furniture Jumping


All you will need for this one is mounting tape. Easy. Slap a piece of tap on the armbands of the couch or chair you don’t want your cat to climb on. If your cat tries to jump on the furniture the sticky tape will deter them. No more cat hair on the couch!

Hack 5 T-Shirt Tent


You will need a piece of cardboard. Two hangers. T-Shirt, tape, and pliers. Tape across the cardboard to reinforce the durability. Cut off the top of the hangers and with the pliers bend them into an arch shape. Poke holes in each corner of the cardboard. Insert the hangers criss-cross from each other, and tape the frames together in the center to reinforce the structure. Next slide the T-Shirt over the whole thing. Now you’ve got a T-Shirt tent. Easy!

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