Baby Goat Meets Baby Puppy

Pet Groomer Dreams: Baby Goat Meets Puppy

If you watch this video get ready for a cuteness overload.You have been given fair warning, it is beyond adorable! Today Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique gives you a pet groomers dream video of a 4-day-old goat meeting with a four-month-old Golden Retriever. Our hearts just about exploded with happiness after we clicked play.

The video was uploaded March 2, 2016 and already has over a million views making these two animals viral stars. Everyone seems to be watching these two on YouTube. The YouTube user, and probably owner of the animals, Sean cadden put this video online for the masses to fall in love with. It is appropriately titled, 4 day old goat meets 4 month old puppy, but we would have called it watch these two furballs of love meet each other.

The video is three minutes and 31 seconds long, and every second is amazing. While you watch you can tell the baby goat is still getting used to walking. The goat is a little shy and the puppy is super excited to meet his new buddy. The goat walks up to the puppy and smells curiously at the doggies face.

You can hear the pet owners in the background calmly soothing their excited Golden Retriever saying, “Be nice,” “He doesn’t want to play with you if you’re gettin’ too wild.” The puppy is a typical clumsy guy and starts running back in forth trying to get the goat to play with him. The goat just kind of stares at the puppy in confusion. Haha!

Once the little billy goat is bigger these two are going to be best friends.

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