Amazing! Animals Can Use Technology Just like Humans

Tech Savvy Animals From the Pet Shop

Every morning we leave the house and make the usual check. Wallet. Keys. Smartphone. Maybe even a tablet, or a laptop for work. Our kids use know how to use computers better than we do, but now even our animals are catching on. But my dog at home can’t do some of the things these animals are doing on this video. They are truly incredible.

Today’s viral video is titled Tech-savvy Pets || Funny Pet Compilation. The video was uploaded by one of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique’s favorite YouTube channels The Pet Collective. This channel features videos that range from cute to amazing. One thing is for sure–you’ll never be disappointed. Now I don’t feel foolish for leaving the T.V. on for my doggies anymore! People at the pet shop told me I was crazy for doing that haha.

Compilation Video

The video is a compilation of pets displaying their more tech-savvy skills. It starts off with a cat riding a robotic vacuum cleaner down the hallway. Even more impressive is what happens next, when a cat answers the phone. I think my personal favorite is a Miniature Greyhound that is playing a game on a tablet. The little Greyhound punches and paws at the screen just like a little toddler human would. Now if only they sold tablets at the pet shop.

The most impressive of all the videos is probably a cat who has been trained to ring a bell to get a treat. The cat’s owner takes away the bell and replaces it with a phone with a bell app and the cats still hits the phone screen to make the bell ring. Take that Pavlov\’s dogs!

Another fun video that was featured is a smart little French Bulldog solving a puzzle toy to get a treat. Toys like this are available online or at the pet shop.

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