Spa Treatments That Your Pup Needs

Regular Spa Treatments are Vital to a Dog\’s Health

Owning a dog is one of life\’s most joyful experiences. Coming home to a wagging-tail and happy, expectant eyes is an amazing feeling that dog owners relish. As you know, dogs have amazing abilities to enrich our human lives. Owning a dog has been shown to lower Cortisol, the stress hormone, which is why therapy dogs have such impressive results. Studies have even shown that having a dog around your infant helps strengthen a child\’s immune system. Your dog gives you unconditional love and care! Showing this requisite love is pretty simple: provide healthy foods, spa treatments, and lots of affection.

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, we are here to help with all three! The spa treatments we offer are made with your dog\’s needs in mind, and the products in our stores are the same products we use at home with our own dogs.

Grooming is a vital part of a dog\’s general health. A trained groomer can help keep a dog\’s skin pH balanced, provide a wellness check for diseases or parasites, and style your dog\’s coat in a way that is healthy and chic. Grooming is preventative care that can stop medical issues before they begin. This helps save money by avoiding costly visits to the vet. It also saves you time, you would otherwise spend cleaning your dog and house from all the shedding! Regular grooming for many dogs is a tedious process and it\’s not always easy to get it done with a busy schedule. This makes professional grooming a practical part of owning a dog.

Veterinarians suggest beginning dog grooming around eight to 12-weeks-old and no later than 16-weeks-old. Starting early allows your puppy to associate grooming as a good thing. This will make grooming easier for them and their groomer for life. It\’s also important to start early because establishing good grooming habits for your dog is important for their health. Common issues like matting, periodontal disease, and kidney disease can all be easily prevented by regular trips to the groomer.

This article walks dog owners through the importance of spa treatments for a happy and healthy doggo!


Brushing is one of the most overlooked parts of spa treatments.

All dogs shed. Hair shedding is a continuous process despite the season. Regular brushing removes any dead hair and dander that is trapped in a dog\’s coat and stops painful matting from turning a coat into a knot. Brushing also distributes a dog\’s skin oils—preventing hot spots and other skin irritations.

Dogs need to be brushed every day. You can brush your dog at home, or have a professional do it as much as you needed on top of a wash with the Splash and Dash signature service!


Having your dog bathed regularly is another important part of a healthy grooming schedule. It\’s just as easy with the signature service, which lets you take your dog in for a bath whenever you want!

We use all-natural eco-friendly dog shampoos that remove the debris and chemicals—picked up from lawns and concrete–away from your dog\’s coat. Quality shampoos also help lock in needed moisture and vitamins for a vibrant coat shine and healthy skin.

Ears & Eyes

Cleaning a dog\’s ears and eyes are important to make sure your pup doesn\’t get an infection.

Dogs that are prone to tear staining (epiphora) have a higher risk of yeast infection and the area around their muzzle will need to be cleaned often.

A dog\’s ears are also susceptible to infection. To prevent redness, swelling, or a smelly discharge your dog\’s ears need to be cleaned at least twice a month. This also inhibits parasites from making their home in your dog\’s ears.

Nail Clipping

If you can hear the click-clack of your dog\’s nails making contact with your floor, then their nails are too long!

Before domestication, dogs\’ nails grind down naturally as they walked over rough terrain. Most dogs today will get their daily walks in, but this not nearly enough for their nails to wear down. When a dog\’s nails are too long, they will compensate with bad posture—torquing their spine and locking their legs into what\’s known as \’goat on the rock\’ posture. This can lead to joint issues and immobility later on in life.

Keeping your dog\’s nails trimmed also helps prevent overgrown nails from cutting into their pads and infection in their nail bed.

Teeth Brushing

Bad breath is only the beginning. Brushing your dog\’s teeth and providing dental chews will stop gingivitis and periodontal disease along with that bad fishy smell we get when our dogs lick our faces. Built up plaque hardens into tartar, a magnet for bacteria. This overabundance of bacteria can leak into a dog\’s bloodstream. This causes kidney disease and other organ issues that are preventable with good oral care.

Splash and Dash offers dental care and will work with your dog to freshen breath and brighten smiles!

Glands & Sanitary Areas

Have you ever watched your dog do the infamous drag-the-butt-across-the-carpet move? We all have. We all laugh. But the reason they\’re doing this is grosser than you would think!

All dogs have anal glands that naturally express themselves as they do their business. Toy breeds sometimes have a harder time expressing their glands and need some help relieving the pressure. When a dog scoots their butt across the ground, they are attempting to relieve this pressure themselves. This move also leaves some stinky-smelling stuff on your carpet. You can express your dog\’s glands at home, but there is no shame in having a professional do it. We don\’t blame you.

The sanitary areas are also important for \’doggie business.\’ Long hairs can trap urine or fecal matter in their fur and no one wants to have that in their house! Regular trimming of the sanitary areas keeps everything hygienic and will be much more comfortable for your pet.

Specialty Spa Treatments

On top of the signature service, Splash and Dash offers some awesome pampering spa treatments that will leave your dog looking and smelling great.

Doggie Facials

We have a Blueberry and Pinkberry doggie facial which cleanses the pores around a dog\’s face and muzzle. A facial also helps rid tear stains caused by epiphora and cleans up the fur around the muzzle if your pupperoni is a messy eater.


An effervescent pawdicure attends to your dog\’s cracked pads and will cleanse away any chemicals found in fertilizers.


What pet spa treatment is complete without some blissful scents formulated to induce a desired emotional state? Yes. We\’re still talking about dogs here. Splash and Dash offers four different scents that help relax your dog with a safe ratio of all-natural botanical fragrances.


All Splash and Dash spa treatments are 100% guaranteed and this guarantee can be seen in the lack of dog hair no longer accumulating on your couch. Using specialty shampoos and grooming techniques, your dog\’s coat will be sleek and shiny on their body, not your furniture!

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we have a variety of care options administered by trained professionals to give your dog that same spa experience you receive at a human spa. We also offer top-of-the-line products like toys, treats, food and more! Come on by and check out all the fun happenings at our stores across the nation!


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