Is My Dog A Wimp?

Splash and Dash for Dogs knows that knows pet owners feel secure away from their house. Because just like us, they know their dog is there to guard the property. Inside Edition published a demoralizing feature from their YouTube channel with a video titled, How to Test if Your Dog Will Wimp Out During a Burglary. Dog trainer Mike D’Abruzzo specializes in training guard dogs. He asked by the news organization to pose as a burglar. D\’Abruzzo has taken some bites to provide accurate pet news to the world.

D’Abruzzo wore padded clothing and went to three different houses to inspect the dog guarding capabilities of ordinary dogs. He wanted to see if they would protect the house, or wimp out. The first house was home to two Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are huge and can have an intimidating bark. D’Abruzzo is able to open the door without any problems and dogs actually want to play with him.

Next are two mixed breeds from a family that swears their dogs will attack if anyone approaches the house who is not part of the family. D’Abruzzo is able to get into the house and the dogs bark at him “meekly,” but once they smell him they are completely docile and friendly. D’Abruzzo is able to take off with a laptop.

The last dog put to the test is a yellow labrador. Again, the family states confidently that this dog is a great guard dog. They might be in for shock when it comes to their pet news. But when D’Abruzzo breaks into the house to burglarize, the yellow lab is MIA. D’Abruzzo is able to snatch a buddha statue without any problems.

Splash and Dash for Dogs thought this was a hilarious and poignant look into the reality of the guard dogs we have at home. Don’t worry our dogs are probably wimps too!

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