For All You Pokemon Go Users Out There, Here’s a Hack for the Game You Can Do with Your Dogs!

Since the application Pokemon Go’s release date early July, the App has been taking the world by storm and the internet world has caught on too. Pokemon Go users who own dogs have been taking their dogs on extra walks just to catch more virtual pokemon. Internet pop-culture has responded with memes, viral videos, and even tutorials. Splash and Dash for Dog’s found the YouTube channel owner Louie the Beagle who has come up with a funny and interesting hack for the App. The video, POKEMON GO HACK – Hatch Eggs using your DOG and a NERF GUN!, shows Louie the Beagle’s owner attaching his iphone–with the app running–onto his Beagle with a phone harness.

One of the functions of the game is to walk more in order to hatch Pokemon eggs. The more you walk, the quicker your poke eggs hatch. Instead of walking, Louie’s owner had his dogs walk for him. By putting his phone in his dog’s harness, and getting them to fetch nerf balls over and over again, Louie’s owner is able to hatch Pokemon eggs just by sitting around all day. It’s hilarious! Louie’s owner sits in the backyard with an assortment of Nerf guns and fires off rounds getting his dog’s to do all the work. Haha! But the best part is at the end of the video, and we at Splash and Dash for Dog’s don’t want to ruin it for you. Just click and watch. If you have dogs at home maybe you could try this life hack yourself. Or just stick to walking your dogs while you play the App. Hope you enjoy!

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