Pet Store Antics of YouTube Celebrity Siberian Huskies

Pet Store Antics: Three Huskies Go on an Adventure 

One of the best things about visiting everyone’s  favorite pet store, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, is taking your dogs with you. That way, they can pick out their favorite toys and treats. It’s like taking your kids to the toy store, but dogs usually behave better. Usually. This video shows Husky owners taking their three Huskies through a pet store in Gaylord Michigan. The video was uploaded by the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs.

This channel features Huskies Oakley, Shelby, and Memphis–all sisters–and what the dogs are up to daily. Gone to the Snow Dogs uploads videos of the doggies playing in the snow, or eating homemade watermelon treats. They’re cute little home videos of the dogs. This video titled appropriately, HUSKY GOES SHOPPING | Pet Store Trip for the Dogs–shows a little glimpse of the hilarious and sometimes ridiculous ordeal of taking your dogs to the pet store.

The three Huskies go through the usual excitement. The pet owners find a rastafarian cap with fake dreads as a cute Halloween costume for their dog Oakley. The owners take their dogs on a full tour of the pet store, where their dog Memphis finds a kinship with the bird department. The dog stares and sniffs at the bird cages utterly mystified.

The dogs are well behaved and pick out some of Splash and Dash’s favorite treats, Wild Blue, then call it a day. Enjoy the video! It’s a dog person charmer.


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